Offense = the-Destruction VS Forgiveness = Healing

Throughout life's journey each of us is faced with moments, subsequently just do not give peace of mind. Whether it's someone's wrongdoing against you, unfair treatment of someone from others, the machinations of envy, the pain of loved ones, trouble is Your fault – all this often causes birth within us the source of resentment. Resentment toward yourself or others.

This is the feeling that eats our brains, thrill the soul and empties the heart. And, it seems that there is nothing in life more painful, it was not a situation like it will never end... Thinking about stuff... Interior condition is deteriorating. Then it seems that a little more and You'll just go crazy. All anything, while You're at work, while engaged in the care of family or just fussing unnecessarily but as soon as go to sleep, resentment again. She admits the insidious thoughts in your head and makes the experience again and again that fateful moment of its birth. And at the same time, each of us understands that the more you love someone, the more the pain of resentment, which we can get from him.

Few people know that resentment leads to self-destruction: the destruction of the soul, exhaustion of the heart and subsequent physical illness. We are offended and believe that we have the right to this, because we are humiliated, hurt, intentionally or unintentionally tried to remove from its path. We start feeling sorry for myself, have to suffer because of human rage and injustice around. Everything seems selfish and totally unscrupulous people. Such things we even more aggravated by the situation engendered a sense of hatred and even a desire for revenge. This insidious feeling – resentment — can so torture that he himself will be the author of their own illnesses and troubles. Our anger, murmurs, anger at someone or yourself often leads to slow self-destruction. And, if you do not deal with these emotions and feelings, you can really go crazy.

When we forgive, we affirm yourself, the offender, the world around us. In these moments, we bit by bit, purify my heart from the huge black hole that sucks in everything: health, good luck and happy life. Because while forgiveness is all black inside us replace the light, love and goodness. By forgiving we gain harmony within yourself and the people around us.

What happens in those moments when we fail to forgive?

1. Between the offender and the offended creates a karmic connection, which can be long and tedious to them both for this and future lives. Thus, people hold each other close at that time, when they have time to disengage and to settle his own life. Until then, while there will be resentment, will not end this relationship. Whether it's a failed marriage, failed friendships, business relationships neustanovivshiesya – still.

For example, if your husband left or betrayed a friend, and you don't want to let him back into your life, no need to force yourself. Forgiveness is not necessarily the return of all old places. Just forgive within yourself, stop mentally to reproach, to wish him well and let go of all my heart. Then You will notice how Your case will go to the mountain, easier communication with people and will improve personal life.

2. At the time of the offense, we run a reaction, every second will remind us of the hostility of the surrounding world. We have the belief that you can't trust anyone. These thoughts form energy blocks and our body is in a constant state of "readiness" that is not a bad thing. In this way we pre-program ourselves for trouble. In addition, this state contribute to the weakening of the immune system and disease that arise from resentment is a disease of the skin.

Please note, in most cases, when a man breaks up with his half, he ceases to believe in the existence of love, as such, closes and then goes astray. It seems that everything exists only with trials and pain.

3. When we do not forgive, our life automatically attract people who match the vibration within You: suffering, those who mourn, those who mistreat and hurt. In addition, life not leave, and the relevant events that carry with them very little positive.

So now You know what harm brings hurt to our body. My next article will talk about what are the grievances how to rid yourself from negative thoughts and to learn to forgive people and ourselves, and to let go of the situation.



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