Immortal cars

Regular statistical surveys on the request of the insurance companies whose purpose is to identify the safest vehicle in recent years has begun to yield unexpected results. It turned out that the permanent job of the manufacturers to improve the safety of cars has led to the creation of "invincible" copies a few years ago. At the moment on the Russian market you can find about 7 brands of cars of 2009-2012 model years, on account of which there is no death of the driver in the accident. When compared with earlier statistics, where "the immortal" cars did not exist, then progress will seem even more obvious. So if you will have an opportunity to buy a used car from this list, do not hesitate to buy, because life is worth it.

Audi A4. The only sedan in the list of discouraging fans of security by the lack of choice, although, really, competitors on this parameter from the Quartet not even within the brand itself.

Kia Sorento. 2009 for the Sorento was decisive, because that's when the world saw the second generation of the car with a monocoque body and a transverse engine layout. Change has fully justified itself, making the crossover one of the most popular and safest in its class.

Lexus RX 350. Delivery of properties over the 10 years of its existence nearly a million drivers RX in 2009, has grown a new modification of the crossover. Focus on internal comfort, not bypassed and safety, earning the car the extra points in the customer's rating.

Mercedes-Benz GL. Two-stage deployment of the airbag, the knee airbag for driver and side curtain for all three rows of seats as standard — it all began in 2012 with the logical development of the historical struggle of the group for the preservation of the lives of their clients.

Subaru Legacy. Though station wagons this brand is not so well represented in Russia as the sedans, but that they can in good conscience entrust their lives.

Toyota Highlander. A large number of crossovers in this list due to the fact that in the 2009-2012 years, many manufacturers managed to cope with their main problem is reduced all the other security measures. Roll over protection is all that is needed, including Highlander to become the safest car.

The Volvo XC90. By 2009, Volvo with its most successful SUV approached in the best technical form, allowing you to concentrate on the number of minor external modifications. Therefore, choosing among the safest used cars of 2009-2012 model years, worth a special attention is paid to the XC90, which looks almost perfect.



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