Solar energy in Qatar

In 2009 was founded the research and consulting firm for the technology clean energy Green Gulf, supported by the Fund for the development of education, science and society of Qatar. She currently holds a leading position in the world, the company has offices in London, Riyadh and Doha. In Qatar, the firm koordiniruyutsya government program on new technologies Qatar National Vision 2030.

Green Gulf has contributed to the installation of the first solar photovoltaic power plant situated on the roof of the Qatar national Convention center (QNCC). Solar Test Facility which was launched in 2012, is considered the "flagship" Service activities scientific and technical innovations in Qatar and Green Gulf company, recently provided further updates to the solar installation. The project has collected valuable data on the operation of 30 different solar technologies. This opens up new perspectives for the optimization of installations in the region with abundant sunlight.

Also thanks to the activities of Green of the Gulf over the past 3 years has rapidly increased the number of companies involved in the solar “ecosystem” of Qatar. The total registered capacity of solar in the country is about 4 megawatts (MW). Of this amount, "clean energy" with the participation of the firm Green Gulf was secured approximately 3.5 MW. It should be noted that an important incentive for the development of solar energy has become in 2014 the first tender of a major national project, Kahramaa.

According to the IEA, daily in the middle East burned 2 million barrels of oil for electric power generation. This hampered the promotion of energy projects of power plants that operate on renewable energy. In this region more than enough sun, and if the refinery had not received subsidies, the solar power could be a serious competition to oil as a raw material for the production of electricity.published



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