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You may find that we are overdramatising, but our opinions about these products is not just an opinion. It is based on thousands of studies and experts in the field of healthy nutrition.

So, if you don't want to die an early death and in terrible pain, you will have to eliminate from your diet these 15 products.

1. Soda

If you like sweet drinks, you should know that they — the main reason for the worldwide epidemic of obesity. And yet they provoke a million types of cancer, leading to loss of memory, nervous disorders and premature aging. It seems better than Smoking!

2. Hot dogs

Whatever was inside this muffin, sausage, sausage or ham — she powerfully hits your body. The fact is that you eat a huge amount of excess salt and processed fats. In the future it will necessarily lead to cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Well, and obesity — where do without him?3. High-calorie cakes

All these decadent cakes is a real nightmare for your teeth, your heart and your waistline. Want to Wake up one day a 50-year-old toothless old man who survived a heart attack? Continue to lean on cakes.

4. Canned fruits

It is not a fruit. It's liquid sugar.

5. Artificial sweeteners

Sugar is, of course, evil. But all the sweeteners that you are trying to replace him is even worse. They want and almost do not contain calories, but cause metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and heart problems.

6. Farmed salmon

Studies show that fish grown in special farms, contains a number of carcinogens, antibiotics and pesticides. Fillets of such fish is the "filet of cancer".

7. Popcorn from the microwave

This thing is loaded with so many flavors that it poses a great threat to your airway. And this popcorn triggers the development of Alzheimer's disease and certain cancers.

8. Fried foods

When you fry something in oil at very high temperatures, inside your products produces toxic chemical compounds, which you then absorb. This leads to a high risk of developing cancer of the breast, neck, esophagus, pancreas and prostate glands. However, when you view this photo you are still salivating, right?

9. Dirty fruit

Never eat unwashed fruit. And avoid buying in stores apples, grapes and strawberries: on farms they are often treated with pesticides. If possible, buy these fruits only in season and only grandmothers in the markets. So you will seriously reduce the likelihood that you will develop cancer.

10. Muffin

Bagels made with white flour are very harmful. They increase the blood sugar level and serve as great fuel for cancer cells. So from bagels and pastries of any use. Only happiness!

11. Sausage and ham

If you eat it at least once a week, the likelihood that you will ever grasp the stroke increases by 40%.

12. Bagged milk

You can drink dairy products for calcium, but not realize that drinking milk from thousands of different cows. In fact, it is quite dangerous: leads to several types of cancer, migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis. So we'd seeked another source of calcium.

13. Junk food

This term combines artificial products: chips, candy, gum, etc. the Problem with them is that they all contain huge amounts of salt, sugar, calories, nitrates, flavour enhancers. So they very quickly cause obesity, diabetes, depression and chronic fatigue.

14. Potato chips

This evil deserves special mention. Each packet of potato chips contains an incredible amount of preservatives, TRANS fats, sodium and artificial flavors. Plus, when they are fried at a high temperature of potatoes is allocated acrylamide is one of the most dangerous food poisons, which are also contained in cigarettes.

15. Closed in a jar tomatoes from the store

They all contain a substance called bisphenol a (BPA). This thing damages the intestines, it affects the heart and provokes a number of other diseases. Well, add it because it gives the canned tomatoes a pleasant acidity. But is it worth it? published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan




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