Solar refrigerator without electricity

Keep food in areas with prevailing high temperatures will be using a new low-cost solar cooling system. This system was developed by Susana, Elvia Toledo Flores from Mexico. Usually the Sun warms, but it created a system cooling. The prototype developed by the Department of the study of zeolite Science Institute of the University of Mexico state of Puebla (Meritorious University of Puebla, BUAP). The system allows to maintain the water temperature at nine degrees Celsius, which will keep your food fresh. In the work of the cooling system, there are two daily cycle of day and night. The working principle is based on the difference between day and night solar activity. Now, in addition to working on the fridge magnets appeared and a solar refrigerator that does not need electricity.

Resource ScienceDaily notes that the design "fridge" inexpensive and simple to manufacture. Susana, Elvia Toledo Flores notes that conventional cooling systems are used chlorofluoromethane compounds (freon), Deplete the ozone layer.

And developed by system functions from the effects of solar radiation. Cooling is carried out by means of the thermodynamic cycle of adsorption-desorption lasts 24 hours. As a cooling medium is methanol and the adsorbent is a zeolite mineral.

Toledo Flores distinguishes two stages of the work created by its cooling system. During the day there is a heating, desorption and condensation period. Solar energy heats the zeolite and increases the level of vapour pressure of methanol. Then the coolant condenseries in the tank, from where enters the evaporator.

Night is the period of adsorption and evaporation. The temperature of the adsorbent in the night is reduced, because solar radiation has no effect on it. In the end, the pressure of the refrigerant is reduced in the cooling process, the adsorbent is evaporated. The refrigerant is again adsorbed by the zeolite and reduces the temperature to five degrees Celsius. The adsorption period lasts all night until the morning.

The equipment consists of solar collector of the layer of adsorbent substances of the refrigerator and the evaporator. To manufacture it, it is necessary to know the volume of water to be cooled. Depends on the amount of used zeolite. For house adopted a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

The system is designed not only to cool food. It can also be used for conditioning in the absence of electricity and for medicine.published




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