10 best places to vacation in the spring of 2014 by National Geographic

Website National Geographic conducted a survey among the visitors and led the top ten, according to numerous blog readers tourist site of vacation this spring.

Wild Atlantic route at the junction of County Donegal and the southern band County Cork in Ireland. There are many ancient ruins, whose age reaches 5000 years, wonderful unspoilt scenery. This often commute by bicycle from nearby counties and settle in the small coastal houses that rent for a modest fee locals. There are also small hotels, pony farm that offer guests a room designed for workers of farms and tourists live there, too, it is possible. In the district there are small shops and cafes, where everything is always very fresh.

In some places, there are cable cars, the best entertainment, especially when there is, what to enjoy a bird's-eye view.

It is recommended to buy on the spot fabric, clothing, merino yarn, woven blankets, plaids. Before the trip experienced travelers would recommend watch the film John Sayles «The Secret of Roan Inish», 1994.

Grand Riviera in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago Island that Venezuela's northeast, bordering the Caribbean Sea. The island, in contrast to the island of Trinidad, little visited by tourists, and there remained wild wilderness.

It is found 96 species of unique animals. Especially liked the people huge leatherback turtles, for that interesting to watch at night they crawl out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand.

Fishing village of Grand Rivera is surrounded by dense thickets of jungle and rivers bordering transparent. You can get there from the main airports of the country and continue by road to local hotels. It is very tasty food, lots of fresh fish, herbs, vegetables. As a souvenir carry local jewelry, tortoise shell, magical statues and even objects of ritual magic.

Toledo, Spain

Toledo - the city, the birthplace of El Greco. Here wonderful architecture, many museums, Cathedral of Toledo Cathedral of Santo Tomé. Here you can buy a lot of unique forged products, swords, including the original articles of the Order of the Knights Templar, Arabic and Roman steel. From March 14 to June 14, here are numerous exhibitions devoted to the artist since 2014 marked the 400th anniversary from the day that he died.


Beautiful nature. The pleasant temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees of heat, not cold, but not hot. The ride is recommended in April, this time here deciduous beech are particularly beautiful color of leaves, and all life begins active life and have a chance to see all that is possible. Tasmania - the island of the same name and state of Australia, home to rare endemic and grow, which is no longer in the world. They say that there is little insects.

First-class service is advised to walk on foot very much beautiful views. Always have, where to live, something to eat, usually dominated by a buffet and the menu of hotels rich delicious dishes. European service.
During the trip, you can buy wood products manual processing, especially of myrtle, sassafras. Honey, cheese, apples - these products have a unique taste here, all over the world there is nothing similar.

Tasmanian Devil

Valletta, Malta

Valletta, capital of Malta, a Mediterranean country, has an area of ​​less than a square mile. Malta - the only country in the world where there is no fresh-water source, all the water is imported from other countries. Valletta is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is one of the most densely populated residential cities and regions in the world. The ride is recommended in May. It is advisable to take a hotel room overlooking the sea or the gardens and landscapes are just wonderful. Here are all incredibly delicious: tomatoes, eggs, potatoes, honey, green vegetables and herbs, stuffed tortillas, cheese, beans, jujube. Sold a lot of spices, molasses, delicious wine.

Buy lace is handmade cloth, napkins, bedspreads, delicious honey. Jewellery, spoons, dishes with legendary Maltese cross. It is worth everything is quite expensive.

Many streets of Valletta equipped with wide staircases with large steps. They were originally built to clumsy knights in armor could put one foot on it, or hesitation about that either. In Malta, many old buildings, the raging sea, rocky beaches, cool and beautiful cozy haze. Here reigns medieval atmosphere.

Kane County, southwestern Utah

Kane County experienced cavers called "buffet of nature." There are numerous tracts rocks polychrome shades, narrow canyons interspersed with large echoing caves. As part of the rock mass education can be traced several paleontological epochs.

This gate once in three national parks State Park Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon. Best not to lodge in hotels, and in many outlying houses of farmers who are willing to rent rooms guests.

The food is hearty, hot, seasoning. Many fried foods ham and unusual places for our varieties of meat, vegetables, cheese, roasted peppers. Feed hungry people around the clock. You can buy travel and sports equipment, which is handy.

It is recommended to carry a paper map, but rather a guide, navigators often do not catch the signal.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Palawan, an archipelago of 1,780 islands, the most famous part of the Philippines. In the north there is the archipelago El Nido bay, the most beautiful place. This protected area is an area of ​​only 900 square kilometers. The place is beautiful, a lot of karst rocks protrude from the water, a lot of tropical plants.

In general, a heavenly place. Dining here is, of course, very exotic, beef steak in bananas, crabs in a sauce of overseas fruit grown in local farms. There is an underground river, recognized as one of the new wonders of the world and is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Another is home to huge lizards that look like small dinosaurs.

El Nido, underground river


Casablanca Valley, Chile

There are fields where they grow red and white grapes of different varieties. This region is suitable to come to admire the huge fields, as well as buy a couple of liters of fine wine. These buses from Santiago. There are many historical cellars, old castles, and fans will be catering to their "historical homeland." Here, they eat what is said, "from the belly." It is very fatty, delicious, and a whole lot! Very tasty ice cream, roast lamb, a local chocolate nougat. Then buy spices, wine and wonderful cookbooks with a unique recipe of local chefs.

States: Masschusets and Maine

The third Monday in April - the best day to visit Massuchesta or Maine, the states of America. It held a public holiday, the Day of the Patriots. Usually the celebration lasts all the beginning of May, this year ends on May 11 so that it is impossible to catch, but you can go next year. See there is: there are plenty of events, including sports, parades everywhere cafeteria and shops.

Botanical Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina

3237 hectares in Asheville Botanical Gardens are open from early March to late May. Not only flowers and beautiful fields. Arboretum and Botanical Garden was the site of festivals of art, music, culture, sports.

Particularly bold is invited to take part in rowing boats, in which it is necessary to lie down on his stomach. It's scary and terribly exciting.

Buy a lot of souvenirs here, metal, wooden handicrafts production.


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