One garden — two ideas: flower garden without the hassle and hedges

Windswept large front garden located at the house which the new owners have upgraded and decorated in a modern style. Now the design of the piece of land should be able to withstand the same concept. Another task is to hide the window and Conservatory all-seeing eye of passers-by. So it looks the object to the renewal:

The owners are busy people, they need the sort of garden which would give the least trouble. And the first proposal fully complies with this requirement.

In this boring garden can not be called, because the project uses different materials: gravel, cobbles, high and low plants located "Islands"; there is also a "lawn" covering of Euonymus Fortune rooting.

Speaking of practicality: gravel performs the function of mulch for plants. Underneath with non-woven material, so the weeds there are few chances to appear, which will facilitate the life of the household. Euonymus Fortune also effectively suppresses the growth of weeds and always looks decorative. On the stone an especially good look lush clumps of miscanthus Chinese. Their greens diluted with a mixed planting of the evergreen iberis, Catnip and Gaura of Lindheimerwho need minimal care.

Stone bench under the maple so well blended into the landscape that is reminiscent of a sculpture, but it can be used for its intended purpose, especially if you have step-by-step paths. To the right of the bench in the eyes immediately catch three balls from covered with a patina steel strips — elegant design solution. Floral accents are arranged dispersed throughout the shrubs with different flowering period, which partially cover the large Windows from prying eyes, as well as crown maple, which after some time completely hide from passers-by. winter garden.

Although gray gravel and green Euonymus dominate colors in the front garden enough — there are always different plants in bloom:

  • In may open the season Spiraea ostrozatochennym, iberis evergreen, Catnip racemose and a compendium of magnificent.
  • In June take up the baton of purple hibiscus, white holodiscus and purple buddleja.
  • Peak flowering occurs in Julywhen joining cranioplastic Bodinier, Gaura of Lindheimer and miscanthus Chinese.
  • In late summer and fall in the garden of boredom "scenery" can not complain. At this time the garden turns Catnip, which re-bloom after cutting and bright purple fruit of cranioplastyadorning the shrub until late winter.
Small groups of iberis, Gaura and miscanthus put the colorful "blots" on sand island, framed by shrubs.

Catnip racemose ‘Odeur Citron’ incredibly long blooming from may to July after pruning and again in late summer.

In the second sentence, sprawling plants are replaced by clipped hedgerows clear geometric shapes.

Bright accents put plants, foliage and flowers which are paintedin warm red, yellow and orange tones, and the volume of the front garden gives a stately maple. Beneath him along the sidewalk runs a low clipped hedge.

House wall fell Catalpa bignoniaceae — here it is a beautiful spreading crown, nothing will prevent to grow to full strength. At the end of June it bears large white flower tassels.

Planted under the Catalpa 4 spherical Bush of yew highlight the beauty of the tree. Behind them modestly perched genevey maple ‘Atropurpureum’ with carved leaves bright red. Right in front of the Catalpa and Vice-balloons is a highlight of the garden — hedge, cut on the diagonal. Her background is incredibly looks spectacular planted in a number of pennisetum lisodoslidna ‘Hameln.

Ridges with herbaceous perennials against the wall of the house and along the hedge-side plant in the summer months, just covered with flowers. Large flower garden a winding shape of the house looks more dynamic due to the fact that plants are planted for growth.

Special attention the designers paid to the harmonious combination of colors: upright herbaceous perennials, such as light yellow , the Jerusalem sage Russell and gelenium ‘Sahin''s Early Flowerer’, ideally combined with spreading bright orange with day lilies ‘Mauna Loa’ and crocosmia ‘George Davison’.

Genevey red maple ‘Atropurpureum’ in harmony with perennials in the flower garden. This decorative shrub reaches 3-4 m in height.


Gelenium ‘Sahin''s Early Flowerer’ blooms an incredibly long time — from June to September. The flowers are like magnets attract to the garden, numerous insect pollinators. The plant of this variety is an ideal candidate for bouquets.published

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