In St. Petersburg will be outside of the containers

In St. Petersburg opens cultural and business center "Street Container". It will consist of 54 containers for industrial transport with a total area of 1020 sq. m. Is the first Russian large-scale project of cargotecture.

"Street Container" will be located in courtyards on Ligovsky Avenue, 74. Its implementation will the project "Workshop of the brothers Archipenko", which was engaged in "Loft Project Floors", restaurants and Biblioteka Urbo in new York.

According to the creators project will be a creative platform for young entrepreneurs and already before the end of the year it will move to the offices of businessmen. It is worth noting that already the first known resident at the present time is the installation of the container for food-St. Petersburg project "Piece of meat" from the creators cafe "Without instruments".

This project aims to support local businesses, young entrepreneurs and startups are provided for them in a loyal system of rental and investment bonuses.published


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