ReFlow allows you to reuse process water, saving fresh

"Water, water, water everywhere..." But not all of the liquid is not always suitable for drinking. A famous line from a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge more and more it sounds plausible, because the world water shortage threatens more and more problems, and people are a way of life, accustomed to for many decades. This extravagance on the "decaying almost decayed" the West is gradually eradicated by the introduction of new technologies of water saving. Otherwise humanity will face in the near future is not so illusory a disaster. Climate change and overpopulation, endangered water sources. Is that a threat, calling for the search for creative solutions to reduce, if not needs, at least the amount of use. One such option is the ReFlow G2RSystem (or Reverse current, if briefly and in our opinion). It is a system that collects contaminated water after taking a shower or bath in the toilet tank for flushing waste in the aftermath.

Developed by the Vancouver team, the device Reverse Current performs a simple task: processing and reuse of already used water in the same room. The system consists of a compact device for the distribution of water from a sink in need of funds for accumulation. According to preliminary data, this setting reduces water consumption for technical needs by as much as 30%.


Spout water collector is connected by otverstie for draining water from the tub when the overflow for channelling excess water back into the reservoir for storage of water ReFlow. This redirected water is passed through a filter and disinfected before it is under the action of gravity is directed towards the rear part of the toilet tank. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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