Top 3 myths about parenting

Sometimes parents, trying to raise a happy child's, come from false beliefs. Refuted the myths of education.

1. All best — to children"my child must be the best," often say parents.

Parents are willing to deny themselves something important, if only their child did not need anything. Fashion clothes, latest phone models, the best branded toys. Otherwise, the child will feel miserable and deprived. American psychologists have found out that the stereotype that children from poor families expect difficulties in adult life, is wrong. According to research in a well-to-do families often grow up to be losers — real life frightens and disappoints them, they lack ambition, as all the benefits already given to them at birth. Therefore, psychologists recommend parents not to constantly try to protect children from those or other financial problems. Better if they will face them at an early age, rather than later when I will be ready. The child needs something to strive for, the researchers note.

2. Happy children grow up in complete families,"the Child should grow in a full family" is another frequent utverjdenie.

For the sake of their children, many couples are capable of long time to live in an unhappy marriage. However, they often occur quarrels and conflicts, often dad to the baby no time, and my mother — forces. But if this is important, because the child has both of them?

Scientists from the research Institute NatCen conducted a survey among 12 thousand children under the age of 7 years and 11-15 years and concluded: the child can be happy regardless of being brought up in the family or not. Children from single-parent families as often as children growing up with mom and dad, said they are often happy or that happy always. But found another pattern: happy more often called themselves the children whose parents did not quarrel with them and spend "quality" time (partied, talked, played), even individually.

3. Children should not cry"good children don't cry," the third myth about education.

The baby is only lowered his lips and took a deep breath, and my mother already agreed on everything, but he smiled again.

While staying frustrated, the baby strengthens the emotional sphere and is preparing for real adulthood when no one will run to him for the first hniqu. Let the baby cry my tears if you can't change the situation. Just embrace it at this point and say, "I understand you're upset, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it."published


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