About the luxury lifestyle imposed by is

About the luxury lifestyle of the heroes of the commercials:

Helicopters, sports cars, marble staircase by which you descend, trying not to get lost in the train of her dress. Or you're standing at the bottom with a glass of champagne, waiting for his companion. In the hall the white piano, at the door of the limousine that will take you to the promenade. And there most importantly, your yacht is ready to welcome guests...

Marketers from all over the world strongly suggest to us the idea that even if not all live, a luxurious life in some mysterious way will become closer immediately after having purchased a particular product. For example, a box of chocolates or perfume. And advertising and movies are our infinite source of knowledge in the field of personal relationships. For example, from commercials "Raffaello" we find that if the girl moves to a new apartment, the window opposite will necessarily belong to the slender handsome man who also yearns for romance.

It is downright spoiling for a fight: already bought a ton of chocolate and marshmallows in anticipation of this feeling, which will appear on schedule. Half an hour ago, got a haircut and clean-shaven. It is not some pants and stretched shirt with a greasy stain, you! Pale blue shirt with pressed trousers with arrows, which he carries home. His breath is fresh and so strong that it is necessary to blow, and a couple of candies at once will cost you out the window. I mean, he has superpowers. Can still tie a box of chocolate to balloons and launch. And, where is the guarantee that the candy will immediately fly to where I need and no interceptions halfway thick Evdokia Petrovna, mother-in-law of a neighbor who lives on the floor below?

Each man is obliged to make a small feat. To start to climb, with gifts in his bosom, drainpipe or at the time when the girl face smile, watering flowers on the balcony, occur on the background of a blazing sunset on a huge balloon, causing the birds not caught in the frame, lose the feathers and shit from horror movies.

In Hollywood comedies, if you are a woman and not married, and under your window is supposed to grow a large tree with wide branches, which is very easy to get into the bedroom and offers a wonderful review. And, tree, even, thirty years more than the house. The impression is that not it grew or was transplanted by the order, and the home was about a tree. And change you will not the mirror or the closet, and right outside the window, throwing open the curtains and turn on the light.

All self-respecting lovers live in port cities, where year-round blooming shrubs and screaming cockatoo. Didn't you know? No, it happens that they are born in snow-covered towns, "listed on the door handle," but then move to California or Florida, and even far away on Islands in the Pacific or Indian ocean. Naturally, kiss and have sex they are in their own boat or right on shore, which is completely empty. Peace and grace, except that the master branch will fall a ripe fruit or sneeze monkey that tore it.

And even heroes commercials like to arrange gatherings on the rooftops. The roof is, by default, is romantic. A real man will have time for a couple of minutes to hold the light, to hang garlands and lanterns, set up tables and chairs, bring the champagne and fruit and you're on hand to convey, because you will wear the shoes at the highest heels and the lace dress to the floor. But how else?


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