China launched the world's first fully automated factory

The Chinese company Changying Precision Technology Company opened the world's first fully automated factory in Dongguan. All operations on it are done by robots – hopes the Chinese government, this technology will allow to overcome the enormous demographic crisis in the country and a strong dependence on manual labor.

The factory produces components of cell phones and ten Assembly lines 24 hours a day, working 60 robotic arms. Each line has an automated pipeline, which is followed by three professional technical staff. Just a few months ago for this pipeline was required 650 employees.

Each robot hand can replace 6-8 workers, the factory now employs 60 members of staff, and in future this number will be reduced to 20, said the General Manager of the company Liu Weigang. The entire human staff of the factory are in the control room and only works with computers and monitors.

Over the next two years, the number of robots involved in the company will increase to 1000, and 80 percent of all technological processes will be performed by robots, according to the President Changying Precision Technology Company Chen Cising.
This is a critical step, because today in China, about 200 million people have moved 60-year milestone, and the number of non-working elderly citizens is growing rapidly. In the coming years, China is waiting for a severe demographic crisis, as the country will cease to miss the working population.

According to the monitoring of the factory in Dongguan since the introduction of robots, the scrap quantity in production fell from over 25 percent to less than 5, and production capabilities increased from 8000 component per person per month to 21000.

Furthermore, this factory – just a tiny dot in the space of Dongguan, which is one of the largest industrial centers of China. The city plans to sell between 1,000 and 1,500 new "robotics programs" by 2016. published

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