How to build a grill out of the washing machine their hands

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a grill with your hands.

If you that season eyeing the grills, but the prices on any model casts doubt on the advisability of buying, it's time to dismantle the parts of the old washing machine. Drums from old washing machines can turn into various useful things.


The drum of the machine craftsmen were accustomed to alter into a circular grill. The cylindrical shape of the tank allows heat to be evenly distributed inside, and holes in the walls provides access of oxygen to the coals. To transform the grill requires a minimum set of tools and about an hour of time.

To the tank of the washing machine got a second life, you will need:

  • Bulgarian
  • Nozzle-brush
  • Knife
  • The thermal point
  • Safety glasses
Step one. To remove all plastic parts: the rim and the plastic element. To clean the stainless steel tank of accumulated dirt.

Step two. To cut the Central axis of the tank (optional).

Step three. Saw off the protruding edge and to grind the rough edge of the tank, to not have any metal burrs.

Step four. Secure the tank from traces of soapy residue.

Step five. In the presence of the welding machine to the tank, you can weld the legs. If such is not available, then a support can be built from scrap materials, using a drill, screws, well, fantasy.

Step six. The final touch of the design of the camouflage is painted. Grill can be painted in any color you like, as long as the paint was resistant to high temperatures.

It is time to prepare the coals and place them on the grill or skewers with meat, and you can start making.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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