Jim Shin Jitsu: Compressible fingers and it becomes easier and the soul and the body

Many people from ancient times believe that all pain in the body caused by a disharmony inside the body. You eat poorly, smoke, drink and are constantly chasing a circle of bad thoughts. Jim Shin Jitsu is an ancient Japanese health practice that uses specific points on the body to restore harmony. Under pressure and in the body again in harmony, the pain subsides.

Look at this picture. Remember what fingers to push in the case of pain - and it will visit you less and be faster. Fit the fingers of both hands.


If you put pressure on your thumb.

So you will bring harmony to your stomach and spleen. In addition, the pressure on that finger relieves nervousness, anxiety and other symptoms of depression. Pain on the skin? Headache? Abdominal pain? Chronic fatigue? Often squeeze thumb!

If you put pressure on your index finger.

So you bring harmony to your kidneys and bladder. The pressure of this finger facilitates a sense of fear and saves you from muscle spasms, back pain in the teeth and in the digestive tract.

If the pressure on the middle finger.

It harmonizes the liver and nervous system. Pressure on this finger will help you cope with anger and self-doubt. If you repeat this ritual regularly, you can improve the cardiovascular system, relieve menstrual cramps, improve vision, and partly to get rid of headaches.

If the pressure on the ring finger.

So you give the harmony of your lungs and the digestive system. Pressure on the finger eliminates panic attacks, ringing in the ears, trouble breathing.

If the pressure on the little finger.

So you give the harmony of your heart. Will compress it more often — will begin to take feelings of anxiety, loneliness, tension. In the shower will ease and freedom. In addition, you can ease the pain in the throat, strengthens the bones.

Do not believe? Just try it! Sure. published


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