A simple test to assess the current condition of your spine and joints

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Test 1

Do some sit-UPS. If when pushing down do you hear the crunch in the knee joints, most likely, you start arthritis.

Test 2

Place your feet together, bend down and put your arms around your ankles. If you can't touch the stomach and the chest of your hips – you already have back problems.

The truth is that 80% of the population already have problems with the spine. Most of them are not even aware of the looming problems.

Another sadness is that lately the disease of the spine is much younger. Now their signs are found even in adolescents and young adults.

The insidiousness of the most common diseases of the spine today that from time to time it may not manifest itself. We do not pay attention and not correlated with the sore symptoms such as:

-frequent headaches, dizziness, even anxiety can be a symptom of osteoarthritis;

-deterioration of hearing and vision;

-memory impairment;

-pain in the neck;

-pain in the chest, the back or the blades;

-numbness of the hands and feet;

-pain when walking and bending, radiating to the groin and legs;

-shortness of breath;

-problems with the gallbladder, liver, intestines, kidneys;

-decline of sexual power;

-the imbalance of blood pressure (high or low);

-General weakness or deterioration of health to the end of the day.

But each of these symptoms may signal the development of osteoarthritis! In addition, problems with the liver, pancreas, stomach, heart pain, impaired potency are disguised manifestations of the disease! And only from you will depend on how will develop this illness to progress, or you will have enough time to slow him down and to restore health to the spine. published


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