Los Angeles threw away millions of plastic balls in the reservoir to clean the water

Los Angeles seems to be your reservoir turns into a giant version of the children's playing pool, throwing off 80-90 million plastic balls in the water.

Why? To keep the water clean and protect it from evaporation in the affected drought area.

A 4-inch plastic balls to prevent contamination by the carcinogen and prevent evaporation — not to mention the fact that they look super-fun when you swim in the water.

The cost of each bulb is between $ 0.33 and $ 0.36 to them is sometimes called "shadow balls".

They literally provide under the shadow of the water, thereby reducing evaporation. It is believed that only such a step could help the city save nearly 300 million gallons of water a year, enough drinking water for 1,800 people. A layer of swinging on the waves of balls also reduces the growth of the appearance of algae and animals, polluting the reservoir.

Compound polyethylene can also prevent harmful chemical reaction, protecting residents from exposure to bromate. Bromate is a chemical substance that is created by the interaction of bromide and chlorine under sunlight.

The project cost the city approximately $ 34.5 million Los Angeles also plans to open soon the center, ultraviolet water treatment, at a cost of $ 100 million to help overcome the effects of drought. published

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Source: www.facepla.net/the-news/5158-пластиковые-шарики-для-очистки-воды.html


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