How to destroy a family? A Handbook for the hysterical

10 effective tips to destroy the family, or at least to transform family life in Adlev Tolstoy claimed that "Happy is he who is happy at home." He blatantly lied, and his own novels were dedicated to the unfortunate families. The question is why?

The answer is simple. Happy family is boring and uninteresting. There is no place for nerves, emotions, pain, action. All that is so adorns life.

Note that there is no film, no book devoted to a happy family. For those who appreciate real extreme and did not want to put up with the mediocrity of family life, designed these tips.

Any woman there are two ways: to decorate the family life and make it unbearable for yourself and your partner. The first way – the way of hysteria. The second is the path of patience.

Our current issue is devoted to the first path. Итак1.Remember that the husband You have. To love, care for, cherish, pay compliments, give flowers, etc. If something is missing, feel free to roll up a hysterics.

2.If the spouse is not happy with something, don't listen to him. He's just mean. Abilites and not talk to him. Or start in response to recall all of its schools.

3.If you can't convince the husband to the conflict, do not hesitate to resort to extreme options. Go to mom's. Get him out of the house. Let them know who's boss.

4.Take revenge on her husband at every opportunity, "beating it with a credit card". Spend more, spend Prasanna.

5.Compare him with other men. Let him understand that he has to grow and grow.

6.Use punishment sex. Use tested techniques: headache, critical days, etc. It may faster to encourage him to seek other relationships.

7.Remember that You are the center of the family. Everything should be arranged the way You want and think is right. Nothing to negotiate with a partner. Firmly stand your ground. Or You will break it, or relationships. In any case, the goal is achieved.

8.Roll up public hysteria. Their men can not stand. Can be enhanced, if you constantly criticize him in front of other people.published

Author: Boris Litvak

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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