As manufacturers of bottled water are cheating people

As manufacturers of bottled water are deceiving people.

1. Bottle of water 0.5 liter is in the shop 35 rubles. Therefore, a liter will cost you 70 rubles. For comparison, a liter of gasoline AI-95 (to September 2015) is 36-38 rubles. As you can see, water is almost two times more expensive than gasoline.

2. The idea that the "eight glasses of water a day" — the guarantee of health and beauty, in the late 1990s, launched the marketers.

3. And who said that we should drink clean water? Much water we get from food. Small educational program: water 88% consist of mandarins, 86.3% of apples, 92% — tomatoes, 93% radish, 96% of cucumbers.

4. Drink water for weight loss is pointless — you of excess fluid in the body fats is increasing, and not melting! (so-called "camel effect"). To oxidize fat the body needs a small water shortage, not a surplus.

5. Interestingly, in Russia's booming sales of bottled water coincided with the appearance on the market of plastic packaging. You can not sell only one container, it is necessary that the inside was at least something, isn't it?

6. Until 1990, all sold in the USSR, the liquid (beer, mineral water, etc.) offered to the consumer in Gostovskaya glass containers (bottles-"Cheburashka"). Plastic packaging appeared in the early 1990s, and bewitched the people no less than chewing gum.

7. Just a reminder: the technology of PET bottle — not a Russian, and Western, so for the right to use it we have to pay.

8. "1.5–2 liters of water a day, coffee and soup do not count" is only the first myth to raise the sales of bottled water to new heights. The second — "water from the tap is dangerous if you drink it — and die not for long." In Switzerland the restaurant to get the water from the tap "default" — no one in the right mind would fear that it is bad. In Russia, about this and think it is impossible — the restaurant will never serve dirty water.

9. Tap water can need purification for this you can use any filters commercially available. In particular, and the cheapest. Fear of chlorine? Chlorine is a volatile substance and evaporates completely, if the water is slightly warm and defend within 30 minutes.

10. Water producers purchase raw materials (i.e. water)... the water utility. The man who supplies the water in the water pipe. But he they buy 1000 l in 28 roubles of 50 copecks, and sell from 70 rubles per 1 liter.

11. Every third bottle of water — the proverbial "water from the tap", only in the packaging and prosena the procedure of purification. And we pay for "legend", composed by the advertising Department of the manufacturer. It spend millions — but it's worth it, because the water make billions.

12. The labels draw forests, pure streams and lakes — all that he wants to see the buyer. Water "Alps sky" lures the beautiful mountain peaks. Look where possible. The Urals, The Caucasus? No — Tver, ul, Savelyeva, 84. It's an industrial area.

13. The inscription containing the words "centralized water supply source" means that we "modified" the water from the tap.

14. Water from the water utility take samples 3 times a day. Water from bottle — 1 time in 3 years, or before going to market, or on the complaint from the consumer (in this case, the CPS must notify the manufacturer about testing for several days).

15. Earlier "dieticians" were talking about a mandatory two liters of water a day, more often now — already somehow...posted three

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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