What happens when you say "I love you"?

What happens when you say "I love you"? Who has the right to say "I love you"? What happens in his heart when he utters that phrase? And what happens in the soul to whom this phrase directed to?

The one who really says it, trembling Soul. Something in her was going, rising like a wave and drags him along. Perhaps he is protected from it out of fear, not knowing where she will raise and what kind of beach is a throw.


And the one who is the addressee of this phrase might as well have been shaking. He feels that this phrase changes to it, as far as she could, taking him to the service and permanently defines his life.
Here there is also the fear whether we will be able to withstand this phrase and agree with it in its full value, and to open up to her, regardless of whether we are talking own, or someone says it to our address.

But there is no more beautiful phrase which so deeply touches us and connects us so warmly with the other person. It's a humbling phrase.

She at the same time makes us small and large.
And it makes us supremely human.published


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