5 inspirational books about the development and samosovershenstvovaniya

There are books that you read and forget and there are those who do not just want to re-read. They give an incredible impetus to the development and improvement. After reading just a few pages, I want to act, to become better, to change, to get out of the comfort zone and do what has never been done before. Don't want to look for excuses why you don't do something. On the contrary, I want to take responsibility for their lives and to make every effort to become such as we dream. It is about these books, I want to tell.

Tal Ben-Shahar "What will you choose?"

This book consists of the 101 question of the choices we make every day. She is literally saturated with wisdom is not the banal, but incredibly important. Such that I want to re-read and remind yourself constantly. This that touches the depths of your soul, and raises questions about their choices: to suppress the pain and fear and give yourself permission to be human, to suffer from boredom or to see the new in the familiar, to perceive the error as a catastrophe or as valuable feedback, to strive for perfection or to understand when it is good enough, to postpone pleasures or to seize the moment, depend on the volatility of a foreign evaluation or to maintain independence, to live on autopilot or to make an informed choice...

In fact, we make choices and decisions every minute of his life. This book is about how these decisions affect our lives and how to act in the best way possible of those that you have now.

Dan Waldschmidt, "Be the best version of yourself" This book is about the road to success, that anyone can achieve anything he wants, become the best version of yourself. To do this, you have immense power, even when others don't. You must always go forward and do more than you think necessary. In General, the author throughout the book speaks of four principles that unite people who have reached the success: the willingness to risk, generosity, discipline and emotional intelligence.

This book is a solid motivation: to use every minute, not to be afraid to learn and ask questions, be open to new information all the time to improve himself as "on the road to success is not output and the hospital."

Chip Heath, Dan Heath "the Heart of change. How to make changes easily and permanently"

This book is more applied, practical, so to say. It's about motivation to change, but it is not about what – it is about how. This book is suitable for both managers and ordinary workers who want to change something, with no resources, and just people who don't know how to get back on the path of change and not to deviate from it.

The point is that we are always invisibly present two parts: the emotional (the Elephant) and the rational (the Rider). And our task is to motivate the elephant, direct the rider and draw them to the trail. The book is full of really important tips: identifying "bright spots" – examples that you can follow, to methods of forming habits like "settings triggers actions," and divide the change into pieces that will cease to scare you. Have you heard of a fundamental error distribution? In fact, we are talking about the fact that in most cases we explain the behavior of the personal characteristics of a person, not a situation in which he found himself. Sometimes it is enough to change the environment, that people started to act differently. The authors teach that growth projection leads to success, a goal, broken down into small goals are more effective because they are easier to achieve, and these little victories start to effect positive behavioral spiral.

Richard O'connor "the Psychology of addictions" This book is about how our habits influence our choices. You can learn from it as they are formed at the level of neurons, and hence to deal with them is also needed at the level of neural connections. To start you will need your strong desire to change and determination to confront the difficulties that inevitably will meet you on the way. Often people think that they have no will power to face the problems. However, willpower is not what is or not is something you can learn, including through the exercises in this book. You can get rid of any unhealthy habits: overeating, procrastinating, Smoking and even lazy. As one of ways of struggle with bad habits, the author proposes a "replacement". Each correct choice brings us one step closer to the goal. Each time, making conscious choices, we become stronger and our neural connections gradually change, replace the old and form new habits.

Robin Sharma "the Saint, the surfer and the CEO" This book, unlike the previous art. This is a "story about how to live according to the dictates of the heart". It is not only possible, but necessary. All the books of Robin Sharma teach mindfulness, wisdom, and love. How to live a full life, how to change it for the better how to become better. The answers to these questions are in this book. But, of course, not enough to read it, you need to find the time on the job, which the author recommends. published

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