This is incredible! - What could a 10 years old girl who lives in the village a century ago

Can you imagine that today at least half of these cases were performed by someone from today's children?

Two million eight hundred ninety seven thousand three hundred thirty three

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— to baby-sit younger siblings (with food and water, swaddle, entertain — from morning to evening);

— to fetch firewood, clean the oven, sink it;

— bring water from the well;

to cook porridge, pancakes, cook vegetables, cook cakes and pastries, cooking jelly;

— churn butter;

— set the table, wash dishes;

— sweep floors, wash and clean the benches and floors;

— shake and brush your rugs;

— to spin, to weave, to embroider, to knit;

— wash and rinse the Laundry in the river, hang his;

— clean the bed (including shake);

- change torch, candles, cleaning kerosene lamp;

— to feed and water all Pets and their offspring;

— collect chicken eggs;

— milk the cow;

— to plant, weed and water the garden;

— collected in the forest berries, mushrooms, grass and dry branches;

— to harvest in the garden and in the field;

— graze a cow, a goat, geese, ducks;

— to carry on stacks of horse haymaking;

— DAP…

And that's not all! Some nursery duties it is not easy to describe because we've never done and not even seen.

For example, a girl 10 years helped adults to do the dung — special fuel for the stove. Or twirling flax. Scurried — specially prepared threads that eventually wove. more than fifty! no wonder people say: "her Daughter is ten years, mother do not care". It's like the tale of Paul Bazhov "Silver hoof" — the Grandfather Kokovina took the girl Darenka. And it is "in the house tidied, the soup Yes porridge cooked". But it was "the sixth year" — that is only five years old! When he went grandfather Darancou in the forest, she "knot itself has imposed. Loskutkov took the doll dress sewing, yarn ball, needle and even rope." And not afraid a few days of living alone in the hut.published 


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