How to save on repairs malogabaritki:

Repair is always expensive event. Especially when it comes to interior design from scratch. A lot of money is spent on new Wallpaper, replacing the floor, putty and wyrownanie walls.

Small apartments in Spain have managed not only to save on materials, but also visually expand the area and to properly organize the space.

Pipes Wallpaper

The walls did not close the Wallpaper

When the couple with a child bought this apartment, its repair is almost gone. Despite this, the settlers wanted to surround yourself with comfort, to make their homes extraordinary, light and bright. To implement his plan, they turned to the design Agency Egue Y Seta, the architects of which often face budgetary projects.

Bared only a fraction of the walls in the living area

The experts once suggested to save on finishing. For the thin layer of putty was hiding there, luxurious masonry, which did not want to hide. On exposure cost many times cheaper than an additional alignment of the walls and pasting their Wallpaper. The stone walls made the space a special warmth and comfort, to feel that another time only in a private home.

Managed to save on the alignment of the walls and buying Wallpaper


Interesting effects

Sunny guest room

Other walls decided paint. It was also cheaper than baby-sit Wallpapers. Bought a few cans of white paint and different color. And then began the experiments. In the living area created the effect of a blue sky with fair clouds, in the nursery on the walls are playing like the rays of the summer dawn, and a guest room thanks to the yellow color like the sun.

Combinations of different hues played on the visual lifting of ceilings and erasing the boundaries of space.

Children's room


Unusual painting of the walls in the nursery

On sale!

To mark the kitchen area it was decided to use different floor coverings in the living area and kitchen. Traditional blue tiles bought on sale, parquet took action, and he miraculously came up under the paint stone walls. For lining the bathroom selected tiles easier.

Her paint was a great help in visually expand the space. Don't skimp, it's that way on the plumbing and flooring in the bathroom – in the area of soul put a mosaic, and the remaining floors were faced with granite. For a small room it took a little bit, so that the budget of this selection is not hit.

Zonirovat space managed by using different flooring


The bathroom did not skimp on the finish

Budget and stylish furnishings

Kitchen, furniture, textiles, decor and accessories purchased at IKEA, where for a relatively small money they have got stylish furnishings total interior. Of course, it's not only one option to save on furniture. You can run the flea markets, sometimes you can find there something interesting and cheap.

The interior was furnished budget furniture

Our reality

In the Russian reality simply to put all the techniques that we have considered in this interior:
• Not necessary to be afraid to paint the walls. Today, we used acrylic paint which is almost odorless, soon dry and not lubricated, if they are to touch. If desired, the wall painted, you can always seal the Wallpaper.
• Sales of tile, Wallpaper, textile, decoration and flooring is common at the junction of the season when brands release new collections, and old stores are in a hurry to escape.
• The same situation is with the furniture. In addition to sales, inexpensive to make furnishings to order or remake the old.
• Instead of masonry in the Khrushchev and Stalin will be frequently encountered brick walls in good condition. Is their right to clean and you can save the Wallpaper.

Comfortable and stylish interior.published


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