In Holland invented a new building material

The bricks from sea salt can be used for the construction of durable buildings in arid areas by the Dutch architect Erick Geboers invented a new building material, which will help to solve several environmental problems in construction.

Geboers using solar energy receives salt from sea water, mixes it with an organic starch from algae, and then creates "bricks". They have excellent compressive strength and can be used for the construction of durable buildings in arid areas.

New technology allows you to completely get rid of the waste process, desalination of sea water. Salt is a raw material for the manufacture of sustainable material mixture with starch is ideal for the construction of domes and arched structures, the traditional architecture of the countries located in arid regions.

Interestingly, Geboers has managed to develop a master plan for the construction of the whole city of salt Lusail, near Doha, Qatar. According to the architect, the Gulf countries are particularly well suited for this kind of innovative architecture.


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