The secret to a successful interview

If you are reading this article then you must be wondering to obtain the magic key that will successfully pass through the filter of subjective professional judgment of the HR specialist and will open the way to the coveted place of work.

It is actually quite simple and all of the currently available techniques are summarized as one fundamental principle.

The main secret in the success of the interview, in my opinion, is CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES AND THEIR abilities.

The interview is the time of the sale, you sell yourself to the employer. You have to believe in the product that you sell, and love it, so the sale took place. If these condition is, you successfully sell any product.


— belief in yourself

— love for yourself

— REASONABLE SAMOKHVAL. Excessive praise causes the employer's rejection. It is important to respect the boundaries of decency.

Furthermore, even if during the interview you realize that an incompetent (or lacking experience) some questions about the jobs for which you are applying, then there should not be timid and lost.

You need to be sure that you can in a certain period of time to master missing skills, you have the potential and desire to learn quickly and complete development of the required proficient — this is quite enough for HR specialist could make you positive representation.

The second important point for a successful interview: a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

I say this from the point of view of the person who hired employees from the point of view of the employee.

If you are not particularly want to get to the proposed job and eating for an interview soon for the sake of it or just need the money, then subconsciously you will broadcast this attitude to the employer and, quite possibly, you will be given your sentence, which is not always possible to control.

But one should not pin too great hopes on the proposed vacancy. It is not necessary to dissolve to the employer in the vortex of happiness from the desire to obtain this job.

Find the middle ground: happily, easily, with confidence, show the interview that you are competent and worthy professional.

The third important point: the use of TECHNOLOGY DONATION

Technique is the mental gift with which you must interact.

For example, you are in a place where people work with a fairly negative attitude, and you need this person to ask for something. You turn on the friendliness and positive attitude and to mentally give this person a gift, what he might want, according to your idea... can You imagine how him happily by your gesture, as he enjoys the gift, his face lights up with a smile...

This technique works very well on an intuitive level, plus your positive attitude — the person relaxes, then communicating with them becomes more enjoyable and productive. The same is applied and at the interview, so it will be easier to make a good impression.

Remember: it is important to remain open and honest.

We love to embellish or to hide all sorts of negative aspects of working history. This can not be done. False always felt professional HR specialists or in the end POPs up sooner or later.

For the employer it does not matter that you had a perfect working history. It is much nicer to hear the truth. This is one of the key indicators of your reliability for the company.

The more honest story about the troubles of past work places very well highlights your personality: how you present yourself in different situations, whether you have leadership qualities or you tend to merge with a total mass of if you can Express its opinion and under what circumstances, your creativity and so on.

The employer is much more pleasant to work with you to analyze these situations and, perhaps, to do so to reduce the possibility of recurrence than to discover your lies when to change something it may be too late. It is on such truthful, albeit not very pretty stories, it is easier to see the potential of a person. You can get in this case provocative questions from HR... don't be surprised. They aimed rather to help you to vent a little, and not to pressure you or vivladi your lack of professionalism.

The last important point is the obtaining of skills of interview

It is useful to do not only when you are looking for work, but when the understanding came that you had stayed at the current job, and want to change it. Maybe look at ourselves and assess its value in the market to assess their capabilities.

Should send resume to show you interesting jobs and walk in interviews, just even to once and to feel out the situation on the market and how you fit into it. I assure you, you will discover a lot interesting plus will acquire the skills to effectively interview.

In addition, the chance to really find the job of your dreams is greatly increased because you will go on interviews, not headlong, urgently wanting to find something because we need the money, but:

1. To practice the life skill of interviewing.

2. The search will be performed in calm, so lucid mode. That is positively reflected on the interview process and enhances your chances of getting any job.

Author: Pantyh Daria


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