The movable walls in the interior of a small apartment

Many people who own small living spaces often regret that I can't slightly move the wall to put any set. Why not borrow a couple of meters of hallway or bedroom when you want to accommodate luxury furniture or invite a lot of guests at a posh party?

Let's see, how did you manage to solve this problem the creators of the interior of the apartment, which is located in the Portuguese town Matosinhos. The project has created a creative people from the company Consexto.

The idea of the walls, which at any moment can move, wonderfully realized in this project. And it complements comfortable and functional innovations.

In the design of oak are not only convenient shelves, but also home theater, which is visible from the bedroom. Also on the other hand it has a TV which you can watch sitting in the dining area, and dining group.

All the features of this plan can be switched on and off at any time as you wish the owner of the home. But that's not all! The designers have built in mobile design with mini bar and coffee maker.

From the bedroom a lot of convenient shelves that can be used for my personal use. However, they will not be evident.

At a time when this room want to use traditionally, it quickly turns into a large modernized room, equipped with natural light from two huge Windows.

There is a modern bed that is controlled via remote control. It is possible to slightly adjust the base, lift it with one hand or put it on the other.

As for the lighting, it is controlled by an innovative system of "Smart house" and the kitchen has the most amazing and creative way.

Cabinets over the sink can open unusual for many method. And thanks to the transparent partition of the yellow shade here creates a futuristic interior.

This apartment was planned not for permanent residence, so the designers decided to create a pilot version. Everyone who liked this avant-garde, and unusual idea, may use it for their home.published

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