On the run

Mediterranean Sea. Because of the cape there is a huge yacht.
 - This yacht Abramovich?
 - No, this is a boat from the yacht Putin!

Ekologicheskaya katastrofa. Vchera zatonula barzha, perevozivshaya ten thousand Cars' details "Lada". ... So much more in the Finnish zalive nikogda was not.

As of January 2013 it is planned complete edition promises VV Putin, revised and enlarged

After 30 years of not flirt ... Rather, filtruesh.

Today saw a live one of the fastest data transmission channels: 32 gig per second! The vacuum cleaner sucked the stick

 - Do you know why by traffic police post need to pass slowly?
 - No, why?
 - Well, they like small children, can suddenly run out on the road!

Voodoo Witch, poking needles in the bag of garbage, maimed police patrol

 - Here in Germany, I heard the streets with soap wash?
 - It is necessary? so dirtied country!


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