The dirtiest items in Your home

American microbiologists from the University of Arizona has named seven of the most dirty item in the house.

1 place

Cutting Board

Cutting boards should be washed thoroughly in hot water and then thoroughly dried. It is recommended to have at least six boards for raw birds, RCBS, meat, cooked products, fruit and vegetables, bread.

2nd place

Handset home phone/mobile phone

Any telephone you need to clean once every two or three days, a mobile phone — daily. To clean, first use a damp cloth and then dry.

3rd place

Sponge for washing dishes

Scientists recommend changing the sponge to wash dishes every week, as during this period she accumulates the required number of microbes, which makes it not a helper in the kitchen, and enemy.

4 place

Shower zanaveska

Indeed, someone accustomed to the fact that the shower curtain is bought once and forever, someone changes it along with the repair, someone perhaps a little more often. But scientists advise to change the shower zanaveska at least once per month.

5th place

The trash can in the kitchen and in the bathroom

Bins and buckets need to be washed, and this is a well-known fact. Just wipe with a damp cloth is not enough. They should be thoroughly cleaned with a special disinfectant twice a month.

6 place


It would seem, why should it be wash, if the inside when washing dishes and so a very high temperature, plus mousee means... But they have rubber seals on which the greatest number of germs. Therefore, the dishwasher should be cleaned with special disinfectants at least once a week.

7th place

Washing machine

Here works the same principle as with a dishwasher. Item of the active collection of microbes are all the same rubber seals that need to be disinfected by special means at least once per month.published

Author: Alena Bykova

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