The most versatile gear for any workout

The success of training depends not only on our physiological state — although this aspect is certainly very important. To train in the gym where there is no primary equipment is simply impossible: even the guru's of workout, and the most furious fan of cardio exercises requires a regular iron. By and large, a man may do without all the average gym equipment. Importantly, in the hall were these "glands", which are the most versatile equipment for training of any complexity.

TRX For which: a complication of metabolic training

TRX — almost the best tool for high intensity metabolic training. The design of the loop makes you use all muscle groups during normal pushups. Moreover, TRX is suitable for those who doesn't want to load the joints and the spine.

Rod why: bench press, deadlifts, squats

Without the rod can not do almost no one lesson in the hall. The beauty of this piece of equipment is in its universality. The rod can be used for development of any muscle group, and only she can take the athlete the greatest weight.



What: shoulders, arms, press

Weight — unfairly forgotten, but is experiencing a Renaissance instrument, which must be in the Arsenal of every sports fan. Weight not only able to develop physical strength, but also to learn to feel the balance of your body. It's certainly useful to everyone who is involved in martial arts


Dumbbells why: the formation of individual muscle groups

Dumbbells can "score" the selected muscle group. A large range of weight allows you to work the biceps, to tire the muscle. In contrast, the same weights, dumbbells are not just any gym, but also at any sporting goods store. published


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