How to maintain eternal youth through sports

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are ready to accept their old age without complaint. It is believed that age obliges us to reconcile with flabby muscles, obesity and persistent diseases, putting an end to an active, interesting and eventful life.

But it is exactly the opposite: the older we get, the more time should be given to sports — unless of course you want to flaunt a fit body even at the age of seventy.

Here's what you need to do to maintain not only a decent appearance, but also fast, responsive to new conditions of the mind.

Work with wecontinue iron forces your body to work to its fullest: the muscles are forced to adapt quickly to new conditions and constantly updated. Do not have to devote all my time to bodybuilding. Spend in the gym the standard three workouts per week is already significantly slow down age-related degeneration of the body. In addition, the lifting provokes the body to manufacture growth hormone and testosterone, which has a positive impact on your libido.

Regular trenirovannosti must be constant. Chaotic raids on the fitness club will not only help you to maintain youthfulness, but also damage the body which will perceive them solely as stress. Regular exercise, on the contrary, will force the body to adapt to constant stress. The muscles will be forced to stay in a constant tone that has a positive impact on skin elasticity.

Protein dataresult recent research conducted by the American Association of public sport has shown that with age a person needs more protein. Add to your diet protein shakes and start eating on schedule: the grateful response of the body, you will notice after a couple of weeks. Workout in a gym will also give the best result, the excess protein will allow your muscles to grow much faster.

Healthy sonali you use an alarm clock to Wake up — then sleep long enough. Try to experiment to find the duration of sleep to Wake up without any external stimuli. Best of all, if you fall asleep around 23.00: around this time, the body most efficiently recovers spent the day energy and replenishes muscle mass.

Conservative poghots age to learn something new is becoming increasingly difficult. Keep this in mind at every training session: any trauma can cause a long recovery period, you will lose all progress. Moderation and regularity in classes that are guaranteed to provide the body the youth and health.

Craniovertebral intense workout — almost the best way to ensure the youth not only your muscles but also the cardiovascular system. Workout the principles of interval training takes much less time than a classic work in the hall, and the efficiency is more. As a useful bonus, you will get a constantly rising level of endurance. This will allow you to quickly adapt to any exercise, even when reaching the very venerable age.

Period vosstanovlenija unfortunately, with age we have to pay more attention to the recovery periods: eighteen years, the body is able to "recover" for a few hours, but at thirty he is required for at least a day. Nothing wrong with that — you only have to learn to pay close attention to the needs of the body. Do not neglect the recreational procedures after class. Sauna, for example, will relax the muscles as efficiently as possible, preparing them for restorative rest.published



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