Attention, the thief! 10 rules that can save the lives of our children

— Good afternoon, you're not from this house? — Handsome man, smiling, turns to the girl, coming from school. In the hands of a person little kitten. I don't know what to do. Someone threw out on the street baby. Squeaked under the bench, hungry, apparently.

The girl stops.
— Do not throw the same die that small. And I already have a cat. She's eight years old, Marusya name. Will have to bring her a new tenant. What if she doesn't get it? Then put up ads at the entrances, all of a sudden people want. Isn't he handsome? Probably will grow fluffy.
The man with the kitten picks up two big packages, standing nearby.
— No, so I have to fall. On, hold it for a second.
The man takes the package in each hand.
"Dear God, please bring him to the car, and I am afraid to drop it...

You are sure that your child is not going to do a few steps to someone else's car in this situation? Or that it will not help to bring charming elderly uncle spilled things? Or not show someone the way to the nearest subway station. Will not accept your child another woman, as a safe companion? And even more so his contemporary, who asked to keep company "literally five minutes".

According to official statistics of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Russia annually lost more than 15,000 children in day – 41 child. And anecdotal evidence foundations and organizations dealing with this issue, put the number at 40-50 thousand children, about 100 children disappear every day! And these numbers are growing. About 10% remain forever in the lists of missing, the remaining data crime statistics are often silent.

Criminals think through their strategy very carefully, ingeniously choosing best position to yourself a reason to start a conversation with a child. We are usually limited to persistent disturbing advice: "don't go Anywhere with a stranger! Don't talk to strangers on the street!"

Even we adults sometimes get lost when the us flies a few fortune tellers, or when a particularly persistent salesman occurs on our doorstep. Even we don't always confidently say "No." Even we sometimes find it difficult to scream and attract attention when you need help. And kids who used to perceive the adult as an authority, give a snapshot of a confident loud back much harder. And only practice, only practice is just repetition of simple but effective actions can relieve the stiffness and to form the skills of self-defense.

In conversation with the child about the risks of communicating with strangers parents, it is important to focus on the main rules:

1. Need to stop any stranger on the fifth second of conversation, confidently and aggressively saying, "I don't know you! Stay away from me! If you don't leave, I'll scream!". Usually at the stage of rejection of dialogue and the first cries of a criminal prefer to run, especially if a screaming child is behaving confidently, or running to the company of people screaming for help.

2. Take no requests from strangers, regardless of gender and age, not to take treats.

3. The main thing – to shout. Not to cry, to scream, to run to people or to cling to any object (swing, bench, pole, fence). Crying child next to the adult is often perceived as recapitalise. Resting in silence on child pedestrians do not pay attention.

4. To run at people, shouting: "Help! I don't know this man! He pursues me! Help me!" If the perp grabbed the child, then you need to fall to the ground and cling to everything that comes their way, never stopped.

5. If the attacker left, then you need to immediately, without delay, to dial the number of someone of the parents. Children often hide such a situation for fear that parents will forbid them to walk, to meet friends, to move freely on the street. Promise them that any consequences for the child's freedom his honesty will bring.

6. If the attack occurs in the entrance, need to scream "Fire!" The cries for help, people may not respond, and on knocking at doors and shouting "Fire!" not not go.

7. Kids need to practice games on the care, to accustom the child to describe the surrounding space, to remember details, the appearance of people, cars and their numbers, streets and districts, are remarkable objects. And of course, your phone number, the child needs to know by heart.

8. If the child is approaching the machine, or rides him some time, then you need to dramatically change direction and run in the opposite direction. Once in a safe place just to call my parents.

9. And a very important point: not intimidating and non-threatening, you need to explain that the danger is not only stranger, but the culprit may be a girl, a woman, an elderly man, even of the same age, whom the offender may be tempting to call up your child.

10. To consider and discuss with your child's circle of confidants, home password and behaviors in a situation, if there is no way to ask for help.

It is very important that our children feel confident, know that they are not helpless, and a clear plan of action was their trained experience. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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