Children's New year. Holidays without stress

All kids love New year's and especially children's matinees. So much fun and excitement that even the adult human head will spin, and what can we say about children?

For them, the holiday rush could easily turn into a real stress. To avoid this, you need to properly prepare your child for the upcoming festivities.


Let the kid enjoy the most pleasant moments of celebration, even if you're going all Christmas vacation to sit at home. For example, prepare a costume. This seemingly minor detail is very inspiring and will remain in his memory for years to come. If the child will have to go to the event in kindergarten, festive attire is simply necessary. Choose a comfortable and durable: the child will jump, run, dance – sad if hat Musketeers will begin to subside, and the tail of the foxes fall off.

Going to a matinee (especially if it is first in my life!)? Be sure to speak loud the entire program – the child must clearly understand what to expect – there will be unnecessary anxiety. In addition, if the kids have to read a poem or sing a song, it will not hurt to spend a few home rehearsals. And of course, no matter how much work, go for a holiday to support the baby: mom and dad in the front row – the best support for a young actor.


To make extra Christmas tree with a little under three years, not recommended – won't remember, and the risk is great, because young children have very weak immune system. But the older child additional activities in the circle of peers will only benefit. Although it is important not to overdo it – two or three holidays is more than enough for a toddler. By the way, most of ideas based on the story of famous fairy tales – find out what will be on the program and pre-read a particular book, then it will be much more interesting to watch.


If you are invited to visit with a small child, remember to stay in the hotel should not be very easy to break the regime. Your baby might go to sleep for a couple of hours later than usual, but no more. In addition, you need to make sure that son or daughter was fun in a strange and unfamiliar house. If the holiday will not be other children, take along plenty of toys and albums for painting, etc. the Baby begins to act up? Without hesitation go home.

And remember, as if we adults didn't love merry feast in the circle of friends and family should not forget about the children. Family games in nature and at home, interesting books, funny stories... the Kids are waiting for this – do not deny: in the end, we have to admit, the New year is, first and foremost, a celebration of childhood! published

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