Why is the achievement of harmony is a myth

And you want to become harmonious? May be you have to aspire to? Or even sure you could call yourself being a harmonious person in your life is also solid harmony?

In the latter case is likely to reflect: instead of whether the demolished man too much in this, you know, “pridobljeno spiritual blindness” when it's sleepy smile and hooded eyes dissolves into the mist of the “harmony”, trying to gain a foothold in this state, to freeze it, and ignoring internal and external problems and issues clearly need to be addressed. Here he was better used to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist to get him back to reality. Sounds harsh, maybe, but the way it is.

Why? Because the achievement of harmony the way and the means, as referred to in most contemporary sources is a myth. Based on your knowledge of harmony and methods of achieving it, you can always strive for it anyway upset that it is impossible to gain or to maintain the state, to continue to press on or hammer on it in the end. Moreover, a harmonious people and life does not exist, it is something out of science fiction.

A stretch you could say that the man and his life are in a balance if this man is a hermit living deep in the woods. Its nothing worries, he leads a contemplative life, it is quite easy to control your mood, reactions, actions, and so on. But we live in a society, every day I go to work, interact with people, participate in social processes do not always “harmonious” ... in General, people often tend to react “inharmonious”. And that is completely fine! No need to be ashamed of and to suppress their reaction, thinking, “Oh, well I aspire to harmony, but there is something I defensein did.”

The universe is a living complex system, in which ALL the processes are constantly in motion, change, metamorphosis. There is nothing that remains in a state of rest or balance, because it is akin to death. What happens, for example, if cut off from the lake inflows the river? The water soon stagnates and gradually, the lake will evaporate. And we came to this world to develop, to live, to gain knowledge and experience and move on (if exaggerated). We solve the problem or question and, op, there arises another problem or question or all from the same Opera, but a deeper level. Because the tip of the iceberg we saw, and below there is still hoo continued... until the end of life usually if we talk about personal development in all spheres. That's okay too, because if the person loading the entire “iceberg” of a problem or task as a whole he was immediately giving all the weight so that the living room will not remain.

Suppose a man SUDDENLY found harmony, then he would have left the physical world rather quickly. What would he do? All the questions that he came to solve, has been solved, the internal components of his personality is balanced and synchronized with the outside world.

So the best advice in this case is to RELAX and just live without the constant hunting for balance, not ashamed of their reactions and don't blame yourself for them to be able to see reality and have the courage to ignore the problems and solve them!

In fact, speaking in the language of the Universe, harmony is movement and constant changes, but respecting the integrity of, internal and external consistency. Therefore, if the path to harmony you can't stabilize, you to periodically blows in one direction and then the other, do not worry — this is one of its conditions. We came here to grow and change, ideally it should be life. published

Author: Daria Pantyh

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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