All I think about Paris after 3 years of living here

This post, of course, will not gain as many views, reposts and comments, like some topical theme of the series "to marry a Frenchman." And if you collect, I'll get drunk with happiness)) But this post is very personal and Frank Declaration of love to the city that became my second home. So everything You will read on, so it is important for me.

I know that most of those who never left the homeland for a long time, believe that to love a city like Paris, it is easy. And I can't argue with that, because in my case it was so. We matched, glued, merged. But that doesn't mean I don't miss home periodically and do not want to leave. All these changes know of any Expat. Several times a year, on major holidays, us hand and foot holds down the sense of longing — for family, for the atmosphere, which was only at home, only among those with whom you grew up, whom I know over the years, whom I love more than anything. We miss the streets where we walked with the children, even if they are the same as 10 years ago, chipped the asphalt. We miss the dishes of national cuisine, even if they can be made anywhere in the world. Because only at home we had this feeling of wholeness, of fullness. But after moving you feel like a tree without roots. Not all the time. It's not every day. But feel. Just feel the difference between "being at home" and "feel like home".

Paris is a sophisticated city. Difficult not to understanding or perception, and the fact that not everybody likes it here. It's his destiny to be the object of criticism, condescension and frustration. I often say that cities should be treated the same way as living people, but somehow I want more people to listen. But really, if you think about it — exactly what the mechanism of the relationship between man and his place of residence.

Imagine for a moment that Paris is a man. What we do in order to make friends with anyone, to bond, to get to open up, to trust us? That's right — we behave correctly and politely, trying to be sincere, do compliments and notice the details. With cities the same way. But unlike people, if this is love then love for life. The city can't hurt you, to disappoint, to hurt or to leave, slamming the door. If you once shook hands, embraced and confessed each other's love is forever.

Today I once again embrace Paris. And say, "Thank you. I love you. Love your autumn with cold fingers, love your winter gaze, frozen from December to March. I love your sudden, catching the laughing spring. I love your tender summer..."

And further – my collection of favorite shots from the beloved city.


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