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Every year on 31 December... or in the nearby date writers and psychologists interested in the psychology of bloggers analyze characters arenaviridae of the film "Irony of fate or With light steam!"Almost we loved Nadya, Zhenya, Galya, Hippolytus, and mom Eugene and Nadia lay on psycho and other shelves. We, too, will not stay on the sidelines and speculate about things that are close to us in characters of this classic movie and that it continues to attract.

Ninety two million eight hundred eight thousand seven hundred fifty eight

In the late Soviet time, the 70-80-ies of the last century, a popular topic of a number of of loneliness and frustration in the personal life of middle-aged people. "The irony...", "Office romance", "Moscow does not believe in tears" and other "Autumn marathon" and "Winter cherry" that's about it.

The mid-life crisis — a time when it's time to realize that in life their present, and that air castle, which sooner or later will vanish. Nadya from "Irony" is the woman who in his "thirty" continues to play, and fate brings her with someone familiar to her, the game can continue.

She talks about herself, which for many years was the mistress of a married man, and it condemned her to a lonely weekends and holidays. Nadia does not recognize this device image personal life own choice, and considers the kind of rock which is impossible to avoid. Well, you got a married man — then that's my fate, so be patient.

Fifty eight million three hundred thirty four thousand nine hundred twenty

Both her partner on the film, and Jack, and Hippolytus, notable players, which can be long and fun to continue the party. Perhaps the movie itself continues to be interesting for already not the first generation of viewers because the games in which he played his characters are in life middle-aged people quite often.

The game is the first to Mature on passport age of people who have never married, called "You're the one I've waited all my life." All the old beloved, groom bride, former spouse and casual partners are declared as not the former. Idealization is built on contrasts: you're a Princess, they are all one.

Sadly, many women in our days it is under way. I witnessed history when a beautiful, smart, successful, wealthy women are married to men much poorer, lower social status, much older and hard neurotica himself, just because the groom is beautifully expounded the legend "my only" and the bride sincerely believed in it. He managed to revive in her soul that little girl that time did not receive from the parents of confirmation of their uniqueness and values and continued to look for her.

The second game is "I have the most serious intentions." When it says the man of 35-40 years, you have to wonder: why is it suddenly now? There was some very serious evolution views, have come to understand? But before that happened?

Forty two million two hundred eighteen thousand four hundred eighty eight

"Seriousness" is often a way to avoid intimacy. I suggested she marry, and she decided not to and ran away, she is guilty. The fact that serious proposals people of this type do when the relationship to gravity has not yet matured, people have not had time to go the natural way, which would make them a couple. And then kind and the seriousness of his confirmed that he is not guilty, it is possible to find the ideal woman on.

True maturity is the ability to recognize that the perfect princes and princesses don't actually happen and wait for them pointless. Stop pretending as if the former relationship in life did not exist, as well as write them into one giant "mistake" and try to start life with a clean slate. The truth is not that I "waited and waited", and that life was good and bad was that I finished what I was saying goodbye and there is something I would like to start and continue.

If You are ready to let new people in life and await the pointing finger of fate, to confirm he is who You need right now, or not, do not look for as signs of seriousness or confirmation of its exclusivity. The best sign that this person can be trusted, it will be Mature, healthy and wise reinterpretation of everyday experience.

Sixty seven million seven hundred fifty two thousand eight hundred ninety eight

Yes, I was afraid of deep intimacy and it is therefore not married, and not because "everyone was waiting for the only life." Why wait when beautiful women full circle? Yes, I was also afraid that everything will be "long haul", so chose "half-hearted" relationship with a married man. I was so scared before, but now I'm ready. I, not world, not other people and not the schedule of upcoming flights.

Game will no longer be needed when You will feel its value, this responsibility will not need to delegate to other people. Will cease to be needed by those who will appoint You to the role of "Princess" and "perfect love life". The relationship will cease to be a measure of how You are in life took place — who and how many times have I called You married, who gets chosen and who gets rejected.

It is the Foundation on which you can stop playing and start living. published  


Author: Olga Gumanova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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