The truck driver did not notice a wheelchair

In the US state of Michigan truck pushed in front of a disabled person in a wheelchair at a speed exceeding 80 kilometers per hour. 21-year-old Ben Carpenter was crossing the roadway, at this time to the crossroads truck arrived. Carpenter did not have time to get to the curb when the car started. Large truck driver did not see because of the massive hood disabled. When the car started, stroller unfolded disabled person to move, and the truck began to rapidly accelerate. The truck was moving at a speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour, pushing a stroller with Ben Carpenter. In the police about the events reported by drivers passing cars, which were surprised like "arrival." Not far from a moving truck on the highway Pass several police cars that are overtaking a truck driver with difficulty forced to pull over to the curb and stop, as it is until recently did not believe what was happening. Ben Carpenter, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was not injured, his body was not even scratched. As a whole remained very wheelchair, completely deprived, however, rubber tires.



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