The assassination attempt truckers in Belarus

Yesterday afternoon on the highway Brest - Minsk - Russian border, near Baranovichi, attacked the lorry driver. "An employee of one of the Russian companies went to Baranovichi district to the farm of production - the newspaper Intex-press. - Before reaching the city, the driver stopped in the parking lot near the unguarded road. He examined his Peterbilt 387, when he was hit on the back of the head. " He later recorded a blood-car number unknown perpetrator.

"The man lost consciousness, unknown dragged him into the refrigerator was locked, and themselves sat behind the wheel of his truck - said in a note. - On the wagon they drove a few kilometers, and then threw the car with the driver trapped inside and hid ».

"When I woke up in the back of the refrigerator, I had a panic - says the driver. - The doors were closed, complete darkness. I am from Russia and I know that if you shut down in the refrigerator, that's all, you are no longer alive. " The refrigerator door there is a small narrow window, protected by a metal grille and mesh. The driver managed to straighten the bars, mesh and break through the crack formed to call for help, but to no avail.

20 minutes later the prisoner felt that the car started. Departed, Anton through the window saw a red van in the parking lot. Assuming that it was on this machine could come offender, he recorded a number of his own blood on the wall of the refrigerator minibus (unbent when the bars on the window, he was very hurt hand, they were all in the blood).

Anton knew that even if the offender just leave it locked in a body (and his truck driver just before loading cooled) for a long time he did not sit out there. Therefore, figured out a way to attract the attention of passing drivers on the track, he began to take off her clothes - a T-shirt, socks - and throw through the crack in the window on the road.

"But the car drove, if not noticing anything. Then the van stopped and yelled music and noise coming from the cab stopped, "- said Anton.

The driver realized that the intruder was gone, leaving a truck on the road and is clearly aware of what will happen to the driver trapped in the refrigerator.

Save the man thrown into the back of a truck in the winter far from settlements and people could only wonder. And it happened - about 15 minutes after the van stopped, passed by a fisherman. Anton saw him through the window and called for help. The old man heard the cries, opened the box and released Anton. According to the driver, his savior, obviously frightened no less than himself. And he hastened to retire as soon as a prisoner out of the body.

"When I came out, it was so much happiness that I was born a second time" - admitted rescued the driver.

Immediately call the police, traffic police arrived within minutes. Anton dictated to them the number of minibus, which he saw at the bus stop. As it turned out, it was on this vehicle and came attacker.

It turned out that criminals stole the driver's passport, car documents and money - about $ 200. In hot pursuit, police detained a suspect in the crime - 40-year-old previously convicted resident of Nesvizh. Was he alone or with accomplices, is still unknown.



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