Chinese New Year + wedding.

As many of you know (do not know), this year's Chinese New Year falls on February 10. Actually, under the cut photo-eyewitness. Coloring adds that all the action takes place in the village from the previous report.

Why threads are combined into one? Because 90% of weddings arrive just in time for the New Year to celebrate them for this week.

So begin. In the photos - most frequently occurring character 福 (happiness) and marriage certificate (结婚 证)

Actually, everything takes roots in the Chinese lunar calendar. His logic is really suicidal. For example, the name of my girlfriend (pictured) - 王婉婷. As you can see, in addition to the name of each character is present character 王 女 (woman), because her birthday falls on Women's Day, the second month, the beginning of it ... It's just only the beginning, when you try to learn a little deeper there is an explosion of the brain, for a complete mismatch. So, she does not celebrate his birthday this year, because it does not coincide with the lunar calendar ... Okay, enough, go to the New Year.

By the way, here she is with a New Year gift from me ...

It all starts with training. Every home should be decorated with wishes of happiness, money and good luck in the New Year. Here it is, the father of the family (it is his duty), marks the entrance to the house.

After all this entry should look something like this.

Meanwhile, my mother disappears in the kitchen. Examples of food will be later. In general, the role of women here is unenviable, and it is to serve men. And oddly enough, it looks quite happy.

This photo can not share. I know that to many it may seem disgusting, but nevertheless, it is very festive and very expensive dish - Bird costs about $ 100. Immediately reply to a question - tastes like beef, but with an unusual flavor ...

Thereafter, the absorption is evident. Actually, looking at such events here, you begin to suspect that between us is not so much different. The same conversations, the same toast, the same drunk people ...

Then begins mahjong. Generally, it is not just a game, it's part of the culture, a worldview and lifestyle. In Chinese mahjong can play clock, play house and fortunes, etc. As for me - pretty boring.

Then begin to run fireworks and firecrackers. As they run, seen everything, but that's what the garbage out of the house and the yard can not sweep over three days (from firecrackers wrapping paper) - it's a surprise. Kind of like this symbolizes money, and if sweep garbage - vymetesh money. The yard looks like ...

Well, in fact all continue to drink, and be merry buzz until enough forces. Generally, they are poor people, holidays and non-working days have much less than us (4 weekends a month - it is standard practice). So on such holidays everyone is trying to come off as soon as possible ...

Generally, it is so in Chinese, drink chic drinks (Hennesy, Raynal) from plastic cups ...

And this is all the central part of Chinese culture gifts - 红包 (red envelope). Naturally, the attitude to you depends on the amount of money. If this is the New Year - all give everything there is a symbolic one yuan, and the more serious action, the amount more.

The next day everything moves smoothly on Flower Street, which opened in each city. Flowers as usual gift to give is not accepted here, but on New Year's florists make annual revenue. All these pavilions - the flowers, live, cut, trees, leaves, bouquets, etc.

Actually, a smooth transition to the wedding. Since the number of non-working days in a year is limited, try to do everything as quickly as possible. The next day already played the wedding. Actually, after the registrar must pass two dinners - in the house of the bride and the groom's house. Here the bride in a traditional dress.

Each incoming and require little poured red envelope.

Here comes the bride to the groom. Since the groom came from other provinces the same thing needs to be repeated at his home ... And move even one step from the ancient traditions of education does not allow anyone ...

This here is a traditional table. Of the dishes are familiar to me only mushrooms and duck. All the rest - I have no idea what it is, from what and how to eat it.

Well, in general, to work soon, so that everyone is trying to eat, drink and stop talking. Since the coming holidays - as much in the month of May. That's all. Sorry for creasy, but it is very difficult to transfer photos from a holiday experience. The End. Thank you for your attention.



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