The strange and terrible 12 tracks in the world

Rarely confident in the serviceability of the car and his driving experience, thinks that all this is not a guarantee of a pleasant journey, and some roads do need to mark the navigation systems as "harmful to your health".

Indeed, there is in this world so strange and terrible stretches of road that would be better if they never laid, saving thousands of lives.

We found the 12 most dangerous and inhospitable highway, from which the skin is covered with goosebumps even hardened truckers.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

Mostly gravel road, built for the passage of trucks with fuel, and here and there replete with signs warning about the danger of avalanches from the snowy slopes. And this is all in addition to smooth ice on the road and biting winds in the cold season.


Prithvi Highway, Nepal

Views of the Himalayas are probably the only beautiful event that can happen to a driver who decided to drive this road. Heavily congested asphalt path in some areas prone to traffic jams as frequently as floods and landslides.


Atlantic road, Norway

Even steep turns on this 8-mile stretch is not so bad on a nice day, but it is necessary to begin the storm, the road flooded and fills every second of the powerful waves. I hope you brought a life jacket.


Kolyma, Russia

Cold, often prihvatyvaya in these parts, can in a matter of hours to transform a cheerful traveler to chill the body, it is only the engine of his car to refuse at an odd hour. And what good do you expect from the road, built at the cost of lives of tens of thousands of prisoners of the Gulag?


Ho Chi Minh trail, Vietnam and Laos

During the Vietnam war, this network of land and waterways used for the transfer of power to the front and it is largely secured by the military victory of North Vietnam. Of course, this route came under regular air strikes, but soon the supply was again adjusted, and a bomb narutorules, and remained under the ground. According to various estimates, currently in the area only one plot you can dig up some 80 million shells.


Road Of Death, Bolivia

About 300 people die here every year, just for a moment being distracted from driving car or bike and tearing with 3-km altitude.


Stelvio Pass, Italy

Record the time of passage of this 21-kilometer-long winding path with 48 sharp turns is 15 minutes and 23 seconds. Think I'll be able to repeat the success? Well, well.


Million dollar highway, Colorado

You need to pay me a million dollars, so I again agreed to travel on this route. According to folklore, these words are said, one of the first pioneers of the road with a large number of bottlenecks, sharp turns and steep slopes.


Mountain tunnel Guoliang, China

A free translation of the name Guoliang from Chinese means "road that does not forgive mistakes". More than 30 "Windows" in the rocks had to beat the locals in ancient times, so now there were able to walk the tourists, because the car is dangerous to drive too, though not forbidden.


The Route Luxor-Hurghada, Egypt

At night on this road is the road most of the robberies in Egypt. No wonder the first links when a search query is the shortest route between these two cities there will be tips on security and protection of private life.


The Karakoram highway, China and Pakistan

Eighth wonder of the world, as it was called in the 60's during a large-scale joint construction of the two countries, under the construction claimed around 900 lives of those who undermined during construction of a road through the gorge or just broke down.


Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

The trouble is this 12-kilometer stretch of road that the number of lanes here sometimes reaches 18, which in combination with poor drainage system leads to complete confusion and flooding of the highway in the rain. However, the high number of victims — about a few thousand a year — is to blame and rather dense traffic in which is very easy to miss a cyclist, pedestrian or motorcyclist.published


Author: Nikolay Kirillov


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