10 most unusual vegetable oils, about which You did not know


About Shea butter, coconut, cocoa and about their benefits for the beauty I know all the girls. And who heard about Camellia oil or, for example, meadowfoam? The world of oils is much richer than we think! Today we present our top 10 most unusual oils!


Black currant oil

Oil with a unique composition. In pure form it can be used on very dry or inflamed skin. The composition of the oil blends and other home beauty products restore the skin smooth, gives a healthy appearance.



Butter strawberries

Stunning aroma of this oil will not leave indifferent neither a beauty! Apply to lips a few drops before going out on the street or in a dry place, and you will protect them, nourish, impart Shine.


Oil broccoli

A natural analogue of the silicone. Apply a few drops broccoli on the tips of the hair and distribute along the length and your hair will look great!


  Seed oil lemon

Apply lemon oil to the nails and cuticles after a manicure or homework. After a few treatments you will find that your nails become stronger and cuticles softer. After 5 minutes, the remaining oil can be divided into the handle, this will help them to look beautiful and well-groomed!



 Pomegranate oil

Contains a unique acid -pomegranate, which effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fights available. Apply a few drops on palms and distribute on the region of wrinkles, under the usual cream.


Oil of Laurel

Able to heal the skin from any diseases: psoriasis, eczema, inflammation. Apply oil of Laurel in pure form (a small amount) on the affected areas of skin 2 times a day and the result will not wait!


  Neem oil

In India neem oil name of village pharmacy. A powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Very quickly heals wounds and skin damage: apply to clean 2-3 times a day.




  Baobab oil

The perfect oil to prevent stretch marks and to fight existing. Also reduces blemishes, scars and cracks. In this case we recommend to use in its pure form.


 Tamanu oil

Helps with herpes, healing occurs much faster! Apply pure on the affected area several times a day.


Meadowfoam oil

One of the most stable oils. Is going to be perfect for the mixture of base and essential oils.

In fact, this is only part of the wonderful variety of oils that help to preserve the beauty and health of our skin. Are sure that once you try natural care, you will not be able to return to the industrial makeup!


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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