How to raise a marble slab on the 20th floor

text author: "Today we have been very interesting, risky and forced a lot of people nervous affair. We go up to 20th floor of Triumph Palace marble slab 3 x 1, 2 (three meters per meter or twenty). Dimensions of this damn such that in any elevators, it can not fit and there was no other way to get her upstairs, except across the street. Its weight nearly 300 kg. I was on the case as a tractor and a crane persuaded to part-time acquaintance, part-industrial climber nebezysvestny Peter. Honestly, I did a little at first wished he agreed, because the cooking process I became much doubt that my swallow mass less than 2110 tons and less than 100 mares under the hood upward drag this 300-hundred kilogram monster. "< br /> Tajiks are packed in a wooden tabletop frame and wrapped her paralon.

Our window somewhere in the clouds. Barkas displayed to the starting point and passes preflight, and cling main tether tying done.

Two rollers. One at the top, just below the technical floor, the other at the bottom of the column. Coupling with the machine.

Height such that the delay had many times, to capture, move off the original and re-meshing. The same difficulties arose from the junction of the rope. He did not pass through the movie ... had pogemoroitsya. Black bars under the car - my rubber tracks. Machine to grind, growl, but did not give up.


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