Herb that kills 98% of cancer cells in 16 hours

Artemisinin, "Artemisia Annua" or, "our way" — simply "wormwood". Recently, it was found that it contributes to the destruction of 98% of cells of lung cancer, and in just 16 hours!

If you use only "Artemisia Annua", it will reduce the growth of cancer cells in the lungs of 28%, but if combine with iron, this plant is completely and effectively removes the cancer.

Moreover, the experiments prove that wormwood does not have a negative impact on healthy lung cells.



Artemisinin in past was used as powerful tools to treat malaria but now it is scientifically proven that this plant is also effective in the fight against cancer.When, during the next experiment, the scientists added artemisinin to the iron, and then attached to the tissues of the lungs, mainly to infected with cancer, artesiminin worked on "bad" cells, while leaving healthy cells intact.

"Overall, the results show that artemisinin controls reproductive cancer cell growth", — concluded the authors of the study, experts from the University of California.


Many thousands of years in China, the infusion of wormwood was used to treat cancer and for the treatment of malaria. Now scientists say that the secret of this plant is its richness in iron and other trace elements, which is afraid cancer.

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi has already stated to produce 50-60 tons of artemisinin per year. The drug will be sold for cancer patients.



But the people's ways of its application:
  • Ointment of wormwood: for it will need 10 g of thick extract of wormwood, 100 g of vegetable oil or pork fat.
  • Powder of wormwood: the grass should be grind into powder and take 0.5 teaspoon 5-6 times a day after meals, gradually reducing the number of receptions of up to three times a day during the week. Powder wormwood to be more effective than an infusion of wormwood.
  • The juice of wormwood: it is drained before the flowering of the leaves and branches and take 1 tablespoon of juice and honey 3 times a day before meals. published

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