What should be in the bathroom a true gentleman

Not everyone is aware of how well equipped bathroom is important to bachelor pad was a real home. Especially for minimalists, first done without the achievements of modern industry, we have prepared a list of 16 items that should be in the bathroom every modern gentleman.

This list includes everything that you may need a real man from the razor device to the towel warmer.

The bathroom can not do without soft and luxurious towels. They will love you and your guests. To apply monogramming is not necessary, but they are much more fun.

Getting out of the shower, it's nice to take the first step with clean feet on the soft carpet. Perfect for this Mat on a foam base with memory foam, which are available in all sizes and colors.

The right shower head is able to turn just a good morning great.

Mirror, anti-mist, — one of the best investments for those who shave in the shower.

The shower radio is no longer in Vogue — they came waterproof speakers with Bluetooth.

A real man can't do without the curtains for the bathroom. No shells and flowers — just simplicity and minimalism.

Many people neglected such a household thing like a Bathrobe. Despite the variety of colors and styles, classic Terry Bathrobe is just what should be hanging on the door of your bathroom.

Most have no storage space. The Cabinet for bathroom solves this problem and makes the bathroom more stylish. The cherry tree is a great choice.

Towel warmer is a luxury item, but after using it once, you will never know how did without it.

If you want to pamper yourself, get a toilet seat is heated. Modern models do not take up much space and provide softness and comfort.

A set of stylish accessories — an absolute necessity. This shaving kit demonstrates the austere and manly style, and has excellent quality and functionality.

Automatic soap dispenser allows you to save means and to fight germs.

In addition to the set of bathroom accessories buy matching jars for storage hygiene. No grown man can't afford to keep in the bathroom an open box of cotton swabs.

Candles for bathroom especially handy when you receive guests. Lighted candle masks the odors and makes your bathroom a more pleasant place.

If you haven't switched to a straight razor — it's time to think about it. The Toolbox will be luxurious look in your bathroom.

Even one good painting allows you to completely transform the bathroom.

Choose something that reflects your tastes and fits into the interior.published



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