Unique natural remedy for weight loss

Sea buckthorn oil is primarily known for its amazing cosmetic properties, however, this bright, cheerful berries there is another force – the ability to help in weight losing weight.

Did you know... that sea buckthorn berries, when taken orally, sending the human brain signals that cause the body to stop a set of unnecessary fat?

In Tibetan and Chinese medicine sea buckthorn oil for thousands of years was used to improve the functioning of the digestive system and the immune system. The ancient Greeks recognized that sea buckthorn oil helps to slow down aging and promotes beauty, and even rubbed them the skin of race horses, so she sparkled.



Now in the Western world there is a tendency to recognize the ancient gifts of nature – "superpixel". And it directly affects sea-buckthorn. In the academic world has dramatically increased the interest in it as a plant that can help greatly to lose weight, to lose excess weight.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon, first introduced the General public sea buckthorn as a medicinal plant that helps to lose weight. What's different about sea buckthorn oil from other berries that contain antioxidants and phytonutrients?

The fact that it contains about 30% palmitoleic acid, or omega 7, very important fatty acids, which is very difficult to find in natural form. In addition to buckthorn, only the macadamia nut contains acid omega-7, and then only in very small amounts.

Preliminary studies have established that acid omega-7 in sea buckthorn oil can prevent the accumulation of excess fat and help the person to lose the already gathered body fat (excess weight), which accumulate in the body over the years.

The study claims that of the two groups of subjects, people in the group that consumed sea buckthorn oil, eventually weighed in 2 times less than people in the control group.

The animal study, published in the American journal "Food science and agriculture," watched two groups of mice that were fed food with a high content of cholesterol, saturated fats and calories. The difference between these two groups was only that one of them gave and sea buckthorn oil.

After 4 weeks of the diet, scientists have noticed that mice treated with daily dose of sea buckthorn oil, I felt much better. They weigh 50% less than the control group, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels they have decreased significantly. Sea buckthorn oil also reduced the level of glucose in the blood. Another group of mice were obese and developed health problems associated with being overweight – such as heart disease and diabetes.


Properties of sea buckthorn oil for weight lossthe results of the study in 2011, published in "European journal of clinical nutrition", said that sea buckthorn reduces the amount of waist. 80 women were fed bilberry, sea buckthorn phenolic extract, or sea buckthorn. Blueberry and sea buckthorn showed the best results regarding reduction of waist size.

Although scientists still continue to test on humans, preliminary results showed that omega-7 in sea buckthorn oil successfully stops weight gain and helps lose weight. Scientists conclude that sea buckthorn oil sends signals to the brain, ordering him to stop the accumulation of calories and excess fat.


Other useful properties of sea buckthorn oilOil stimulates colon health, musk moisturizing membrane. When dry musky membranes food gets stuck in the gut. Sea buckthorn oil helps food move through the intestine, protecting the membranes from oxidation and physical damage.

Among the important beneficial properties of sea buckthorn oil – vitamin E and omega-3, 6 and 9. All together they have anti-inflammatory effect and increase the amount of collagen that slows down aging processes, improves skin tone and promotes tissue regeneration.


How to use sea buckthorn oil for weight loss: dosage to reduce weight can be used in natural sea-buckthorn (berries), drink sea buckthorn juice or eat inside 1 capsule daily at a dosage of 500 mg. Though expressed there are no contraindications, the sea buckthorn seen raversijde effect. Therefore, don't eat it on a background of reception of krovanistaya drugs. Talk with your doctor.

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