Competition between GM and Tesla have entered a new stage

Competition between GM and Tesla have entered a new stage: some of the available electric vehicle –the Chevrolet Bolt, or Model 3 is the first off the Assembly line and falls into the hands of happy buyers.

Shortly before the launch and start of sales of the long-awaited Tesla Model 3, online stream which will be held on March 31, General Motors has decided to show its success. Recently the company has released a video showing the new production line of its Michigan plant and the release of pre-production models, the Chevy Bolt EV 2017.

Recall, the price of electric "Chevrolet Bolt" will be located approximately in the same range as Model 3. The declared cost of a new electric car GM is 37,500 dollars, and taking into account government subsidies, it will cost American buyers $ 30,000.

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However, the specific date of start of sales of the Chevrolet Bolt is still not announced. According to representatives GM, first you need to engineers and developers of the prototype joint effort with the plant's professionals have established a clear work of production equipment and processes."We came to the next important stage in the development of Bolt EV, says chief project engineer Josh Tavel Tavel (Josh Tavel). – We have moved from mathematical calculations and manual work on the Assembly line of the electric vehicle. Now the factory has already tested the instruments, so the quality of our machines with a power reserve of 320 km by the time of their delivery to our clients will be on top".As for the Tesla Model X, although the possibility of processing the pre-orders will be opened simultaneously with the beginning of the presentation, to get their electric cars at the hands of the buyers will be able not earlier than 2017. published


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