7 useful skills that can be learned in a few minutes

Daily we spend a lot of time on useless activities. Dozens of times check the mailbox, social networks, just looking at pictures online. These short moments can't be spent on anything useful — at least, so it seems to most people.

In fact, there are quite a number of skills to master which is just a couple of minutes. Each of them, in spite of its simplicity, it can save you a few hours or even days in the future.


Fast reading

Many people try to pronounce every word they read. As a result, the read speed is much slower — after all, you practically speak the words, albeit in my head. Try to drown out the voice reading the words, only eyes. A couple of minutes of practice will be enough to let the brain adjust to the new, faster scheme of reading.

  Calm nerves

Food does not give a person nervous. Our brain is directly connected with physiological processes: subconsciously we feel that while eating there is no danger. Next time, got into trouble, just put in the mouth chewing gum and you'll feel more focused.


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It's not that complicated — but many every time you go to a tire shop and got into trouble on the road, just have to wait for a good Samaritan. In the above video is simple and detailed instructions.

  Compass in hours

If you get lost, to get to civilization you can help regular hours. Turn them so that the little hand looking at the sun. Now at the center point between the 12 and that arrow will be on the Northern line.


Don't waste time on long charges — how much time and nerves could be saved, just knowing how to properly stack things. The secret is to roll the clothes into neat rolls, and, of course, is to abandon unnecessary detail.


We are not talking about complex structures, which could please and the chef from a French restaurant. But the simplest dishes to master in just a minute and save time and money on buying groceries and trips to the restaurant.

  Learn a few knots

We quite often have something to tie or to bind. Even if you are going to spend the next few years aboard a sailing yacht, to be able to tie a couple of knots will be really useful: bowline, tautline and simple bayonet will be a great start. published


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