Wedding procession of 200 foci

In recent years, Russia has become fashionable set records the longest convoy. I first tried to do it the owners Hyundai Getz. June 23 they collected 137 cars drove through the city streets this column, and sent an application to the Guinness Book of Records. Gettsovodov support companies' Karnet 2000 ", importing these cars in Russia. At the same time the organizers of the campaign "to sit down" to the most recent Luzhkov's initiative: it is necessary, they say, to turn over to the Muscovites subcompact. It is clear that such a rally was strongly supported by the Moscow authorities and held without pads. uyuschimi made TagAz owners Huyndai Accent. They have set a record on Saturday, July 7, 2007 (07.07.07), planning to assemble the world's longest wedding procession. While, at the time of 18 hours on July 7 is not known whether this event took place, but according to preliminary information, the route has been agreed with the traffic police, received an escort car, and was not expected to overlap. Quite a different story - the wedding procession of Ford Focus, organized by the club owners of these machines without authority or automakers. The action was to take place on the same day that the wedding procession of the "Accent". Fokusovody decided to collect more than 200 cars and drive along the Ring Road, breaking the record for the world's longest wedding procession and possibly on samuzh world's longest convoy. Representatives of Guinness decided not to call - it costs 4500 euros, and giving them to do video.


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