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At the annual press conference and investor Volkswagen, held March 2013 in Wolfsburg, was shown serial electric e-up!, in September of that year appeared before the public on shows in Frankfurt. In 2016 the "green" city car along with the usual "fellow" has received a portion of the updates – adjusted the exterior, refined interior and enhanced equipment list.

External differences the Volkswagen e-up! from the versions with internal combustion engines, in addition to the blue background of the emblem of the brand and the label with the model name, reduced to the led daytime running lights in the front bumper, echoing them to the staples of red color on the rear bumper and original wheels dimension 15 inches.

Electric "Up" is only available with five-door body: its length is 3540 mm, of which 2420 mm dedicated base wheels width is less than 1641 mm, and the height fits in 1478 mm In "fighting" the machine weighs 1214 kg and its ground clearance has 132 mm.

Inside the Volkswagen e-up! it is possible to identify several chrome-plated parts, light the dashboard trim and seats, and blue stitching on the leather interior. Other differences from the standard "counterparts" are missing, both in terms of design and in terms of passenger capacity.

The volume of the trunk of the electric car varies from 250 to 923 litres depending on the position of the back of a back sofa.


In the Arsenal of Volkswagen e-up! listed synchronous motor, peak produces 82 horsepower (62 kW) and 210 Nm of torque, and a single-stage automatic transmission that delivers the entire stock power to the wheels of the front axle. Electricity to the motor is supplied with a 150-pound set of lithium-ion battery capacity of 18.7 kilowatt-hour, providing a "range" of 160 km on a "full tanks". For "saturation" of the battery at 80% with fast charging stations to a total of 30 minutes, while the process from the usual household network takes about 5 hours.

In a navigation exercise electric modification "APA" not much inferior to their "traditional brethren": from a standstill to first "hundred" she rushes after 12.4 seconds, gaining 130 km/h top speed.

From a technical point of view, Volkswagen e-up! repeats version with internal combustion engines: front-wheel drive "truck" PQ12 with racks McPherson front and torsion beam rear, Electromechanical power steering and braking system with ventilated discs at the front and drum mechanisms on the rear axle.


In Germany for electrical AP minimum please 26 900 euros (in Russia city car not supplied). Already in "base" hatchback equipped with very rich, with two front airbags, 15-inch wheels, heated front seats, air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, portable multimedia system, music with two speakers, ABS, ESV and more. published


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