Covers for iPad get the display and solar panels

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) this week gave Apple the patent No. 9,335,793 to "Connect the cover with flexible display" (Cover attachment with flexible display).



In the document we are talking about a multifunctional accessory for iPad that can not only protect your tablet PC from damage, but also to endow it with various advanced functions.



In particular, the cover can be equipped with solar panels for energy generation and extending battery life of mobile devices. The accessory can also be endowed with the keyboard for convenient typing.



Special design like the one used in the Apple Smart Cover allows you to use the cover as a stand: at the same time on its back side can accommodate the controls of the media player.


We also consider the possibility of using the cover as a touch pad to draw with a special pen. Finally, the accessory can be integrated with an additional screen on the electronic paper to display useful information.

On the possible timing of the appearance of such covers for iPad in the commercial market is not reported. published


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