Top 5 most anticipated budget of electric vehicles with a power reserve of over 300 km

In the world the era of mass market electric vehicle of the new generation. Their main features are run without charge more than 200 miles (322 km) and relatively low cost. Still for $35 thousand it was possible to buy a car online roughly 135 km away.

Despite the fact that 75% of drivers passing up to 65 km per day, the demand for more resources, of course. Today the portal has identified 5 electric cars that will appear in the near future, and placed them in order of likely occurrence on the market.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Car giant General Motors promises to soon begin deliveries of its compact hatchback, with a spacious interior thanks to the smart design and located in a semi flat battery 60 kWh LG Chem.

It will appear on the market the first production scheduled to start in October 2016, although the concept was shown in January 2015.

The price of cars will range from $ 37.5 thousand, it will not have AWD or a private network of rapid chargers, like the Tesla, but it has other advantages.

It accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 7 seconds, its engine has an efficiency of 97%, and the charge lasts more than 200 miles.

2018: Tesla Model 3

About Model 3 recently much has been written, and it also fits perfectly in the 200-mile landmark. Prices start from $ 35 thousand, while the range — 215 miles (360 km) and, although shipments should start in late 2017, but 370 000 customers who have already booked this car, force us to look reality in the eye: for most people, it can be obtained only in 2018.

2018: Hyundai Crossover SUV

Hyundai in may 2016, said it will launch a 200-mile electric car by 2018. Recently, the automaker was preparing to selling the 110-mile Ioniq and told the media that according to him this range enough. But now, apparently, the forecast has changed.

The new SUV is expected to have its own platform, and the company has let slip that the mileage on a full charge can reach up to 300 miles, although the immediate goal is 200.

Next Nissan Leaf

The Japanese manufacturer announced that Nissan IDS Concept - the next incarnation of the Nissan Leaf - will not be the current limitations in 84-107 miles (135-172 km). However, have not clearly indicated whether the new powerful battery to be installed on Leaf model 2017, which will soon be published and will contain some of the features of IDS, or only in the final version of the new car, which should be expected no earlier than 2020.

Nissan has a conflict of interest: he is still going big sales, and that means he is interested to continue to sell cars with low mileage that is well accepted in the market. However, experts say that the new model should be accelerated, because the Chevy Bolt comes on the heels of.

Ford Mystery EV

This name is conditional because of the plans Ford is less well known, but CEO mark fields said eyeing the class is available electric car with a mileage of over 200 miles.

"The cars appeared to all are convinced that we are the best among the leaders in these areas," said fields, commenting on the competition, GM and Tesla. In December, the 2015 Ford has announced that it is investing $ 4.5 billion in the development of electric vehicles, and plans to create 13 new electrified vehicles by 2020.


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