PAROC completes the construction of energy-efficient home in the Tver region

In the Tver region completed the implementation of the project on construction of Russia's first energy-efficient home technology Energywise House™. At the final stage, experts from the Passive House Institute will conduct final testing building for air-tightness of the shell. Studies will show whether the sealing after carrying out the internal finishing works. At the moment the company is fully prepared PAROC building envelope – insulation left 350 m3 of branded products.

Last year at an intermediate stage of construction experts also checked the tightness of the house. Even then, the results of the tests were impressive and was 0.25 h-1. In Russia, the requirements for sealing of buildings ranging from 2 to 4 units, and in accordance with the requirements of the Passive House Institute figure airtightness for passive house must not exceed 0.6 h-1.

To achieve such high performance is possible thanks to the use of versatile thermal insulation material PAROC eXtra. It was used for insulation of walls and pitched roof. It is non-combustible thermal insulation Board, which is characterized by ease of handling and installation, high fire and water resistance. Density PAROC eXtra prevent convection, so the heat transfer resistance is maintained even in very cold winters.

Apply PAROC eXtra in the outer and inner walls, attic ceilings and floors, pitched roofs and attics — anywhere where there are no external loads on the insulating material. In the Tver project for wall insulation was applied PAROC eXtra 340 mm, for insulation of roof — PAROC eXtra 480 mm.

"The fundamental point of application PAROC eXtra was and saving the budget of building a house. This product meets these requirements, because the longevity of the products PAROC provides savings in subsequent repairs," says Director of marketing and communications, PAROC Taisiya Seledkova.

The concept of energy efficient house "PAROC® Energywise House™" is a set of recommendations for implementing energy-efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption. The main goal of the concept is to tell the services of construction supervision, designers and architects about energy efficient construction that minimizes heating costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

Two-storey house in the Tver region will demonstrate the benefits of the Energywise House concept. Building with a total heated area of 350 m2 is fully provided with electricity. The load on the heating and cooling amount to 11 kW and 4 kW, respectively. Annual estimates of consumption of thermal energy for heating is 80 kWh/m2, while the architecture of the object can be considered as an optimal ratio for energy savings, and hence to reduce the payment of utilities. The house is designed for seven people.

"The success of the project energy-efficient home will allow you to give an answer about the feasibility of residential construction projects with low energy consumption in Russia, to accumulate the necessary experience for the subsequent dissemination of this practice, expanding the geography, typing nodes and solutions, production of construction elements on industrial rails and as a result – the ability to reduce and optimize construction costs," emphasizes Taisiya Seledkova.

Recall that in the countries with cold climate, reducing heating costs is a key task and installing high quality insulation is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption. published


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